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Attacks and Abilities Guide

At risk of being hardcore ignored, how would Feint work in ASB in gen 5, now that it deals damage even if the target does not use Detect or Protect?

I'm sure you'll understand why this is important :P
Description-wise. Right now, the user fakes a hit, then strikes again while the opponent's guard is down. If the opponent does not use Protect or Detect, is it just a really-fast strike?
It's a fake-out maneuver; if the target is protecting or detecting, it causes them to drop their guard. If otherwise, it is just a quick strike while the opponent's guard is down.
Is it possible to fling a worry seed off a pokemon's body with a move before it implants itself on the target's body? Like with a move similar to struggle bug or something?
No, just that there will be restrictions on how you can combine things with priority moves. I mean, you'll still be able to combine feint with fire punch, but it will be as slow as fire punch (still go through protect, tho, so still useful in a way).

Enjoy your quick attack + flare blitz combos while you still caaan~
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