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Baby bunny. :D


local hellion
So my little sis is outside playing with her friends, and what does she find?

A baby bunny.

Apparently, a lost baby bunny, since if its mother was around, my parents wouldn't have kept it in the sunroom.


But it's ADORABLE!!! Or at least what I saw of it, since it was scared. Or sleeping. Something like that.

My parents are taking it to a rehabilitation center, since it's so scared. Sadly, we're not keeping it. D:
That's so adorable! You should've kept it and let it grow big and soft, so you could eat it!
...for easter dinner 8D

We have rabbits in our yards, and at least one of the babies is still living. I've been trying to discourage it from eating our garden, but I keep missing :/
Just so you know, the mother WILL come back for it. Mother rabbits come once in the morning and once in the evening for 5 minutes to feed their babies.
Unless you actually SAW the mother get killed, you should leave it be.
My mom made that mistake, and we ended up killing a little baby bunny. My heart is still broken. Please don't make the same mistake we did.
My mom used to work for a vet, so I think she knows enough of this kind of stuff.

And we're NOT gonna eat it.
How awesome! We had two bunnies once, and they had babies, but they died after three days because the parents were, like, five months old. O_O The babies looked like little pink blobs.
ohhhh, awwwwwwwwwww :love::grin::love:!
this reminds me of the time me and my daddy teamed up to catch 7 cute wittle baby wabbits near our house, We kept them all in a recycle bin, caring for them for about a week or 2, before releasing them into the wild, far away from our house. I have a just over 1 year old puppy named Sparky now... I still remember those cute little bunnies!:love:
That's so adorable! You should've kept it and let it grow big and soft, so you could eat it!

Thanks, you're ruined the fuzzy-wuzzy tone of this thread now. xD

Sucks you can't keep it, but I guess you've got to do the right thing for the animal =)
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