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Battle Tower

Kratos Aurion

beep beep coming through
TCoD Wi-Fi League Battle Tower

If you're just looking for a quick battle and don't care who your opponent is, you can issue a challenge in this thread. Just specify the rules you would like the challenge to follow and which platform you want to use (DS game, PBR or a simulator like Shoddy Battle). If you don't want to issue a challenge of your own, you can browse the open challenges here and post to accept it.

When issuing a challenge, be as clear as possible. State whether you'll be imposing a level restriction (via Wi-Fi's autoleveling functions), any clauses you want in place (sleep clause, evasion clause, etc.), any pokémon you'd like to ban, things like that. Note that you are allowed to ignore the official ban list if you so please; permit ubers and ban magikarp and caterpie if you like. Include the Friend Code(s) you'll be using and your timezone in GMT.

Do not use this thread to chat about your battles, confirm battle records ("I beat Mary Sue") or anything else; it is for issuing, accepting and clarifying challenges only. Save your conversations for PM, VM, etc. and don't clutter the thread.

Each person is limited to having three open challenges at one time. If you would like to issue another challenge, wait until one of your open ones has been accepted or delete one that you're no longer interested in. Alternatively, you are welcome to browse the other challenges to find one you like. If you are finished with a challenge and don't want to reuse the same one, please edit or delete that post to indicate this and avoid confusion.

Under no circumstances is the issuer of the challenge obligated to agree to battle someone who accepts their challenge, although unless there are extenuating circumstances there is no real reason not to.

If you agree to accept someone's challenge, it is assumed that you are agreeing to abide by all of their terms; it is also assumed that the issuer of the original challenge will abide by their own rules. However, if one or both trainers does not follow the rules, there is nothing that the High Council or anyone else can do about it. While we would certainly like to be able to monitor battles to ensure honesty, there is no logical way to do this, and as such any claims of "cheating" during Battle Tower battles cannot be proved; they are all cases of "he said, she said". Understand that by issuing and accepting challenges here in the Battle Tower, you take the risk that one or both trainers might be dishonest. Of course, that certainly isn't going to happen around here. Right?

That's all there is to it, so get to battling!