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Bencaua vs Nira (Ref: Negrek)


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[size=+2]Bencaua vs Nira[/size]

Format: 3 on 3 Singles
Style: Switch
DQ:2 weeks
Damage Cap: 35%
Banned/Restricted Moves:OHKO, Direct healing
Arena Description:Pearl's Cloud Arena
This arena is placed in the clouds and is the smallest gem location known. It seems to have been part of the main structure before, with only a few columns missing. A few gem statues are seen still in contact, along with gem writing on the sides.The clouds can be used to sit on, and they float (as Amethyst is seen doing).The clouds can also be eaten, again shown by Amethyst. In this, it also shows that they are very buoyant.Finally, they can open to reveal water supplies, and be entered/digged on to hide/use dig.(Image: http://steven-universe.wikia.com/wiki/File:Steven_the_Swordfighter_Cloud_Temple_Background.jpg)
Additional Rules: Gem Statues can be Thrown for a 40 power typeless damage(Once per trainer per battle), the clouds can be used to sit on, be thrown(for 20 power typeless damage, twice per pokémon per battle) , eaten to gain the ability Levitate(For 5 Rounds, once per pokémon per battle,it also maks the Pokémon look very fat(If it has Skin) and (Flaccid ), or Ridden to gain 20 more Speed(For 8 Turns)

Bencaua's active squad

abra Mister A the male Abra <Inner Focus>
bidoof Kástora the female Bidoof <Simple>
spinarak Aranea the female Spinarak <Swarm>
swinub Manfred the male Swinub <Snow Cloak>

Nira's active squad

aurorus Boris the male Aurorus <Snow Warning>
slowking Mercuria the female Slowking <Own Tempo>
zweilous Hair the female Zweilous <Hustle>
phantump Majora's Mask the male Phantump <Frisk> @ Lucky Egg
dratini Ouroboros the male Dratini <Marvel Scale> @ Lucky Egg
jangmo-o urSol the Chanter the female Jangmo-o <Overcoat> @ Lucky Egg
drampa Mr Robinson the male Drampa <Berserk> @ Lucky Egg
salandit Tux the male Salandit <Corrosion> @ Lucky Egg
oranguru Sun King the female Oranguru <Telepathy> @ Lucky Egg
mimikyu-disguised Spooktowel the female Mimikyu <Disguise> @ Lucky Egg

1. Bencaua sends out
2. Nira sends out and attacks
3. Bencaua attacks
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