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Birdcrest vs Zero Moment


Well, it's been a while hasn't it?
Format: 2vs2 Singles
Style: Switch
DQ: 1 week
Damage Cap: 30%
Banned/Restricted Moves: OHKOs, Direct healing (including Chill), Perish Song
Arena Description: A field
A ordinary field. Nothing is unusual about it.
Additional Rules: Un-evolved Pokemon only

[size=+2]Birdcrest vs Zero Moment[/size]

Birdcrest's Active Squad

noibatColinthe male Noibat <Infiltrator> @ Dragon Fang
treeckoTerrathe male Treecko <Overgrow>

Zero Moment's Active Squad

cleffaEurastarthe female Cleffa <Magic Guard>, EXP: ⚫
deinoPyralspitethe female Deino <Hustle> @ Zoom Lens
lampentUmbrathe male Lampent <Flash Fire> @ Wise Glasses, EXP: ⚫⚫⚫⚫⚫⚫⚫ (Happiness: ⚫⚫⚫⚫⚫)
shinxLeafpawthe male Shinx <Intimidate>, EXP: ⚫
vanilliteZephyrthe male Vanillite <Ice Body>, EXP: ⚫⚫
ruffletPallaschthe male Rufflet <Keen Eye>, EXP: ⚫
goomySinhthe female Goomy <Gooey> @ Draco Plate
binacleBinaclethe male Binacle <Tough Claws> @ Shell Bell
noibatNoibatthe male Noibat <Infiltrator> @ Yache Berry
panchamFaustkämpferthe female Pancham <Iron Fist> @Moon Stone

Birdcrest sends out
Zero Moment sends out and commands
Birdcrest commands
I ref.
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It's finally time...
Take it, Colin!

Colin, coffee AFTER the battle!

Now? Please?
No. (Sorry about the huge images)
(Should I be mean and go with Zephyr?)

Go, Eurastar! It's been a while now since we've last played for keeps, and you don't get STAB anymore, but I've realised that you have a damn good movepool. Start off with a Hidden Power to see where you stand, then follow it up with a Psyshock. Finish with a Secret Power. If for whatever reason your opponent is untouchable, go with your reflexes and Metronome.

Hidden Power/Metronome~Psyshock/Metronome~Secret Power/Metronome
Moving second for the win!

Can I have coffee yet?
Just attack already! First up, melt him with a Heat Wave! Then, knock him down with Iron Tail! And that Secret Power looks dangerous, so block it with Protect!
Heat Wave/Iron Tail/Protect
The three Trainers popped into existence in the middle of a peaceful field. As Birdcrest and Zero Moment steadied themselves after teleporting, The Omskivar scratched the League-owned Abra behind the ears, marveling that they hadn't run out of peaceful, nondescript meadows to ravage with battle. The battlers shook hands, The Omskivar prepared his flags and whistle, and two Pokemon were summoned in two flashes of light.

Colin the Noibat squeaked excitedly, taking to the low skies with an eager flap of his wings, before he regarded the second Pokemon with curiosity--the tiny pink lump, Eurastar, tottering back and forth with an innocent smile. The Omskivar waved his flags to begin the match.

Team Birdcrest

Colin (M) @Dragon Fang
Health: 100%
Energy: 100%
Status: Wide-eyeing his opponent.

Team Zero Moment

Eurastar (F)
Health: 100%
Energy: 100%
Status: Doesn't afwaid of dwagons!

Round 1

Colin leapt immediately into action, flapping his wings forward and down to rise into the air. Chirping, he flapped his wings in a burst, sending a hot gust of wind blowing towards Eurastar. The Cleffa squealed as she slid backward in the grass, but she shook off the red glow that she was left with when the attack died down and marched forward dutifully. She closed her eyes briefly. When she opened them, they glowed with power, and she reared back with a deep breath.

A blast of almost-white fire spat forth from Eurastar's mouth, and it licked Colin's wings, making him...antsy. It hurt, but only a little, and Colin was quick on the uptake, his (very) small tail cutting through his dark fur as it began to glow. Backing up once more, Colin lurched forward and solled through the air, becoming a black and purple wheel with a bright white center strip, careening into Eurastar at an alarming pace.

As the Noibat soared back to his airspace, the Star Shape Pokemon picked herself up off the ground. Her lip twitched as her eyes glowed purple this time, and she furrowed her brow to concentrate her latent Psychic abilities on her opponent. Though his wings flapped fast and strong, Colin couldn't escape the sudden pressure from all around him; his muscles ached as they were poked and prodded by some unseen aggressor, softly at first, but with increasing fury and fervor.

Quickly, Colin gave a frantic squeak and surrounded himself in a translucent green bubble shield. He shivered in midair as the discomfort left him. Meanwhile, on the ground, Eurastar felt her attack get cut off, and smirked. Clamming up so soon? She stuck her one-fingered hand in the air and wagged it back and forth.

There came a slight humming sound, which swelled until a swarm of tiny insects came floating from some distant forest. They converged on Eurastar, to the horror of Zero Moment, until he saw the blinking eyes of his Pokemon beneath the mountain of bugs. This...must be a good thing? Colin swallowed nervously as he dropped his shield for the round's end.

Round 1 End

Team Birdcrest

Colin (M) @Dragon Fang
Health: 88%
Energy: 76%
Status: Wanting to know how many of those are bees...?

Team Zero Moment

Eurastar (F)
Health: 76%
Energy: 91%
Status: Covered in bugs. Fire-typed Hidden Power. +1 Defense, +1 Sp. Defense.

Heat Wave- 9% damage, 5% energy
Hidden Power(Fire)- 4% damage, 3% energy
Iron Tail- 15% damage, 7% energy
Psyshock- 8% damage, 4% energy
Protect- 2% energy
Metronome(Defend Order)- 2% energy

Referee Notes
-No burn on Heat Wave.
-Hidden Power rolled a Fire-type.
-Where exactly is Noibat's Tail...?
-No Defense drop on Iron Tail.
-Metronome rolled Defend Order.

Next Round
-Birdcrest commands
-Zero Moment commands
-I ref!
How about...
(sighs) This. Yes I forgot you have Infiltrator! Infiltrator will be useful!
Iron Tail/Steel Wing/U-turn
If Moonblast or Dazzling Gleam is used during actions 1 or 2, then use Protect on that action, but not consecutively.
EDIT: Switching to Treecko.
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Hmm.... looks like he's switching out this turn. Let's try to maximise damage to him while minimizing damage to ourselves. Start off with a Counter to hit the damage cap in the first action, then Detect then next attack. If Colin missed his first attack, making your Counter useless, Counter again. Finally, uhh, Double Team, I guess.

Counter~Detect/Counter~Double Team
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