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brb going to sweden


sorry, i'm never going to stop being mad about it.
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In about six (!) hours, I will be leaving for Stockholm to go and live with Music Dragon for five weeks!! I really really hate flying but so far today I've been more excited than scared so hopefully everything will go okay.

You have fun, you two. Try not to get into too much trouble with Interpol. And remember: as tempting as it may seem to resurrect an eight thousand year old spider demon, it's best not to do so if you value your kidneys.
Ah! At last! I, the great Music Dragon, have the mod panel within my grasp... Now none shall stand before me! Scatter, weaklings!

... But what's this? I - I can't find the mod panel? Tapatalk's interface is so weird! Gosh dang it to heck!
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