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Butterfree's Name

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Hee, people typically think my real name is Arylett because I specifically made a name for myself on the internet that sounds like an actual name. It's not. :P

But I still hate being called by my real name. In real life or online, because I've gotten far more used to being called Arylett due to being a person with not really any real life friends. I just see my real name as being cold and impersonal, whilst Arylett feels more like me. So I can relate to that.

Although my real name will be changed to a different name in about a year or so's time, so there you go! We can forget that horrid thing ever existed.
But... Your name. It is Lilypad. ?????

That's not exactly what I meant. When people call me Lilypad online, I get uncomfortable, purely because I usually am never referred to by name. When people call me my real name, Lily, it gets me really uncomfortable because my real name is a weird thing to be called online.
One thing I never understood about Butterfree is that she doesn't like being called by her real name, from what I've seen when people did call her by her real name "Hlín" she goes berserk on them... Why? I've never seen anyone act so angry about being called their name, It's a simple formality. I don't have a problem with people calling me "Sean" even though it sounds completely retarded to me, so yeah.

I don't see the problem, the preference for anonymity on the internet is common and safest.

Aside from Facebook where my RL friends and family co-exist with me and on Twitter solely for my interactions with my favorite actors, I never even reveal my true name on the internet. If I am required to use a real name as opposed to a user handle, I use an alias.

Some have a very personal regard of their true identity so the use of it on the internet where one is among strangers can be considered a sacred privilege.
There have in fact, been individuals who have had a strong enough familial-like regard of me to earn the knowledge of my true first name but they are very few.

Especially on the internet, true names can hold a lot of power because they can be the key to the rest of one's identity.

There are also those, like myself who do not like their given names.

Also on a side note, please do not use the term 'retarded' in that context, ironically it as well has a powerful interpretation. It can be considered offensive.
Given that it's been two years since this discussion was happening, and considering the context, I think I'm just going to lock this.
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