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Dachét GTS Guidelines/Format

Kratos Aurion

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Dachét GTS Guidelines/Format

Dachét GTS Guidelines

If you've got some trades you'd like to negotiate over Wi-Fi, simply create a thread in this subforum. You can offer or ask for a single pokémon; if you have a lot of pokémon or items you'd like to offer, you can also create a shop. There are just a few simple guidelines you should follow when posting, all outlined below.

1. When creating a thread, add a tag to its title to indicate what sort of thread it is. If you're offering a few things, use something like [Offering]. If you're looking for something specific, use [Wanted]. If you want to open an entire trade shop, use [Shop].

2. You can create a new Wanted or Offering thread every time you need something new, within reason; there should only be one Shop thread per person, however. If you think you're going to be needing or offering a lot of pokémon/items on a regular basis, it may be easier to open a Shop.

3. It is helpful to provide your timezone (in GMT) and the friend code you'll be using somewhere in your first post. If you have an ID in the records office, you might want to link to that.
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