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Emerald Apocalypse


previously myuma
she, they
I wrote this almost a year ago, inspired by this remix of Komm Susser Tod from Neon Genesis Evangelion. It's extremely short and rather morbid. Enjoy...

* * *
Brendan clung to his hat as he surfed across the seas on his Sharpedo. The crimson water was becoming more and more choppy, foaming waves leaping past his head; Groudon’s apocalyptic power had flooded the ocean with soil and clay. May was in the distance, waiting for him on a small, sandy island. He set his sights on the feeble strip of sand she was standing on.

Sharpedo tipped him onto the beach and immediately left, to go somewhere Brendan did not know. Well, I suppose I deserved it, Brendan thought bitterly, especially after I doomed the world to end. He was lost in his thoughts until he heard a quiet voice behind him.

“...Brendan?” May said softly. “Tell me what happened.”

“I let you down,” Brendan blurted. “I let everyone down.”

May’s smile was gone, and now she was looking at him with a sympathetic but disappointed face.

“We thought Wallace had the Emerald Orb,” continued Brendan. “But Team Magma had replaced it with a fake. We don’t know where the real one is - Maxie said it had been smashed, but we can’t trust his word. I battled him - I lost - so he didn’t give it to me - ”

At this point, Brendan took a deep breath. He felt as if he was about to cry. Whether out of sadness or pent-up anger, he did not know.

“They asked me to handle it, and I failed.”

May replied quietly, “I knew you would. No one could take down an entire organisation by themselves, especially not one headed by a rich, powerful scientist.”

“Team Aqua is dead,” Brendan said, ignoring May’s comment for his own convenience. “Archie knew that Maxie’s plan would bring this about, but he awakened Kyogre to stop him. Now look... their submarine sank with all those people on board... they’re dead, just like us...”

“We’re not dead yet.”

“Is there a difference?”

The conversation paused. There was nothing more to say: soon, they would die.