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Favorite Video Game Series

Just Post your favorite video game series, try to hide any important spoilers tho, or just dont post any important details period.

My fave would be the entire Half Life Series, I have all of them up to date tho im only on the third level on Half Life 2 Episode 1, these game are a combination of a First person shooter, a puzzle solving game, and horror film at once. If you've played this game then you know exactly what it's like. I have had nightmares about this game, yet i still play it.

If you're a fan of extremely violent, bloody and gory games, I highly suggest all these games for you , they will blow you away.
People consider Half-Life to be scary? That's weird o.o But it's definitely nothing short of the best FPS series out there, though.

My favorite series though... It's a pretty hard choose between Tales of, the Nasu-verse, Star Ocean, and The King of Fighters... If I absolutely HAD to choose though, Tales would be my first choice. The Tales games are nothing short of epic, and though they typically have you standard cast of RPG characters, and your stereotypical story, it's what's inside in this case. The way each game flawlessly, and uniquely addresses, and executes everything is part of the reason I love the series so much. It's why Tales of Symphonia, despite being one of the most cliche games ever, was such a great game. And then there's the Linear Motion Battle System. Words cannot describe the awesome that this battle system is. I'm definitely looking forward to trying out the Style Shift LMBS come December, when Graces comes out.
I'd have to say Klonoa, while Persona 4 is my favourite game, it's the only one I've played.
while Persona 4 is my favourite game, it's the only one I've played.
Not a series, nig sug. And yes, I'm going to keep pounding you until you stop making useless comments about P4. (But it's your favorite game noa?).

As for me, yes, Persona is one of my favorite series, even though I haven't played number 2, I've played the other three. It continues to amuse with a very interesting, yet different from game to game, plot, characters that have the depth of standard characters from a novel, a really cool thing called a "Fusion system", and fulfilling gameplay. <3

Lemme think. I'll say Final Fantasy. That series has been all yes for, from VI to XI, then to III and IV. From the stories, to the music. Very cool stuff. I'd be a fool not to say Pokemon. We are on a Pokeforums, amirite?

Kingdom Hearts. Yeah, I read all the anti-KH comments in the Kingdom Hearts thread. "Well, it just didn't really do it for me..." Fuck you all. It's a great, fun game that ties both Disney and Final Fantasy together, with a plot that blows my mind, concepts and cheezy scripts and lovable characters that I cannot resist. Who would want to?

I might as well put Fire Emblem down here, don't see a reason not to. A good series all around. I really like Megaman Battle Network Megaman X, too.

Then, there are some series from my earlier childhood that I still kinda love: Mario Party (the earlier ones), Star Fox, Kirby, Crash Bandacoot (however you spell his name), Spyro, and Rayman. Ah, the me-mo-rieeees
Completely forgot to mention; Shin Megami Tensei. I definitely have to love the cyberpunk feel most of the games give, as well as the dark stories. Nocturne, and Digital Devil Saga were particularly awesome in those aspects.
If I had to choose one id say Mario
But theres
Smash Bros
Dig Dug
Pac Man
Donkey Kong
*goes on to list a heck of a lot of others*
I've sunk way too much time into Football Manager... >.<

But besides that, Pokemon, Unreal, Warcraft, Diablo, Europa Universalis, Victoria, Rollercoaster Tycoon, Fire Emblem, and Dragon Warrior Monsters.
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Hmm...for RPGs, if we're talking story and writing, Mother. If gameplay and multiplayer, Pokemon.

Other than that, Metroid, Mega Man (Though I'm only familiar with the Classic series and only very vaguely of the X series), Sonic, Star Fox, Ace Attorney, Klonoa, and oddly enough, Left 4 Dead, the only FPS I'm remotely good at.
There really are so many but in particular:
The Metroid series (especially prime), the pokemon series, the majority of the digimon games, Star Wars Battlefrotn series, Capcom VS... & Smash Bros.
Pokemon probably; it's done a very good job at keeping fans.

Spyro until Insomniac sold its rights to someones else.

Ratchet & Clank until after the third game.

Final Fantasy, briefly, but I can't say I love it as a series rather than individual games.

Castlevania...I haven't stopped liking it, but if Igarashi leaves, then I'll probably distance myself from it.
Eh, chosing one is always so hard. But yeah, I'm like many here. The Pokémon series is definately high in the top fact list, if only because I've wasted hundreds and hunrededs of hours playing them. The TES series and and Megaman Xs are also quite high, one for gameplay/mod and the other for Toxic Seahorse the robots. :I
My favourite video game series is probably metroid, in particular the 2D ones, in particular super metroid. I also love final fantasy, and lets not forget the best one-on-one fighter series, the ... vs. capcom series. Megaman, probably in direct competition with metroid, so awesome, I like the megaman zero games, cutting stuff up is sooo much fun.
the spyro the dragon series before Insomniac gave it away D:

also the ratchet & clank series
Hmm, let me check my list... *ahem* In no particular order, my favorite series are:

Mario (namely Paper Mario and the Mario&Luigi series)
Legend of Zelda
Tales of...
Final Fantasy
Summon Night (unfortunately I only played the Swordcraft games plus Twin Age; I would like to play the others if they were only released in English. :/)
Professor Layton
Megaman Battle Network/Star Force
Sonic (I don't like it as much as I used to back then but I still consider it a favorite)
Street Fighter
Ace Attorney
Trauma Center

Hmm, I guess that's it. Wow, I have a lot of favorites. ^^;
People consider Half-Life to be scary? That's weird o.o
while I wouldn't outright call Half-Life a 'horror game', some aspects of it are quite disturbing. I mean, you wouldn't exactly consider this to be very child-friendly, would you?

my favourite series are, in no particular order:
  • Fire Emblem
  • Super Robot Wars (Taisen, if you want to be picky about translation)
  • Final Fantasy
  • Ratchet and Clank
  • Castlevania
  • Legend of Zelda
  • Pokemon
while I wouldn't outright call Half-Life a 'horror game', some aspects of it are quite disturbing. I mean, you wouldn't exactly consider this to be very child-friendly, would you?

You do have a good point... But it isn't really necessarily scary if it's disturbing. Stalkers just look plain weird to me. Plus, there's plenty of child-friendly things out there that can be scary :D

Also; I'm ashamed to have not even mentioned Castlevania or Mega Man. Die hard fan of both series right here, not to mention, they're the two things I've grown up with ever since I layed my hands on my first video game 14 years ago, as well as the two things that have never failed to disappoint me at all. It's quite easy to tell that I'm extremely loyal to them if you know me in real life >.>
You do have a good point... But it isn't really necessarily scary if it's disturbing.

I don't know about any of you, but that teleportation scene during the cascade resonance scared the pants off of me as a kid.

Mind you, barnacles were scary too back then. Didn't take much to scare me as an elementary schooler.
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