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Frontier Town Frontier Gazette Offices

Nathaniel nodded, and looked Mhynt over again, as if searching for signs of what she'd been through.

"You have something of a preoccupation with power," he mused, "which is certainly understandable given what you have been through. Is the power you speak of related to your... remarkable ability to get around town? You liberated some stationery from our supply closet without visibly entering or leaving it, if I am not mistaken. And yet you look unblemished of scale, as if you were a cloistered youth."

He cleared his throat and made a placating expression. "I am not suggesting that you are at all as young as your complexion implies. I can tell the difference between a precocious hatchling and an adult with uncanny looks."
Mhynt nodded. "You can consider it a talent that even with the loss of my power, I was able to retain." She scratched her chin, thoughtful. "My obsession with power is a practical one. I am weak, but I've come here to make a positive difference in the world for a change. But the reality of the matter is, only those with power can make those changes on their own. I am thankful for allies... but from what I've already learned about this world, our power against established problems is... small." She eyed him, thinking of the supremacists. "But I think you're aware of that."
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Nathaniel nodded again, took more notes, ruffled his mane.

"My uncle used to tell me that injustice is not a living being that you can strike down with an attack. It lives in countless of our actions."

He grimaced, and his Shiftry visage fit that expression perfectly.

"You mentioned that you're here to make a positive difference. I can understand why someone who has seen civil war and lived un-free would want that. Is this a goal that belongs only to you, Ms Mhynt? Or do your several associates share this goal with you? On that note – are they your countrymon, and do they share your past misfortunes?"
"They are not with me in that way," Mhynt said, "but we are all here for a common goal of assistance. You can consider us recruits... Unfortunately, I cannot provide further information on this matter. Not yet, until we can get a better handle on the situation here.

"They have been gathered from lands far and wide. So far and wide I am the only one who suffered from my specific part of the world. But despite our backgrounds, we are united in the same cause. I'm sure they have other motivations under their minds, but malevolence or greed is not one of them."
Nathaniel considered this, and took a long inhalation, then exhalation, before putting his notes loosely on his desk.

"I believe you, Ms Mhynt. For what that is worth – you must already realise I cannot tell the literate public that all of you are trustworthy and benign because I have a good feeling about you, yes? But still, I do not think you are pulling my leg."

He steepled his hands, the leaves they held intermeshing with a rustle.

"I curate the town's news. I am of course aware of many problems in Sojavena and further abroad, some of which might be solved if struck down with an attack, and others... not so much. Am I to understand that you are still gathering information about the region's ills, that you might help with them? I am sure the people of Frontier Town will want to know – what do you intend to do about their troubles? Can you strike them down, I wonder, even if they are the type of trouble that can be quelled in battle?"
"We do not know the full extent or nature of the troubles we are trying to resolve," Mhynt said, "but I have already been warned by one individual native to here that strength has meaning for some of its problems, and so strength will be one of our goals.

"I do not speak for everyone in an absolute manner. But for myself and those like-minded with us, my goal will be to resolve whatever forces the people here have been unable to on their own. Fresh power or fresh perspectives, we will do what we can. But you are correct: As it stands, information is our main focus so we can make informed actions. Strength will come in time."
Nathaniel considered this. He muttered quietly to himself, and made another quick note in his little pad.

"I believe I understand you," he said at last. "Which leads me to ask two more things—"

He gestured with a hand to one side.

"First, how do you find Frontier Town and the wider Sojavena? Is it a strange country to you, Ms Mhynt, having come from somewhere undergoing a tragic upheaval?"
"Ah, disorienting and exhausting? If so, I quite understand! That was my own experience coming here as a very young Seedot."

Nathaniel smiled to himself, then shook his head.

"Alright. Secondly, then – I assume you can confirm for us that several of your group have indeed been performing various of the tasks listed on the so called 'Mystery Bulletin'? Yourself included, I imagine? I am aware of a great number of mundane jobs your companions have taken up around town, also. In any case, my question is this: is there anything you would ask of the people of the frontier? Should they bring their trouble to you, Ms Mhynt, or any other member of your, ah, entourage?"
"As it stands, we are seeking any small troubles we can," Mhynt replied. "It helps us learn more about the land, and in conjunction allows us to become stronger should that involve exploring your Mystery Dungeons, apprehending petty outlaws, and so on. We will help where we can as our strength grows. As we are, there is nothing grand we can tackle. That is the goal, not the present.

"I am not their leader. I do not believe we have one."
"A group so large with no leadership must have a deal of difficulty bringing itself to task in any kind of organised way... Are you likely to choose a leader any time soon?"

Saying this, Nathaniel looked over at one of the many loose papers on his desk – this one seeming like a list of heroic spirits, at a glance.
"Picking a leader will also be just as difficult," Mhynt said, "but I suspect as time passes that we will find ourselves with people who are up to the task. If... someone I knew was here, I suspect he would have tried to rally the team. But I am... not of the same mindset to do so effectively."

She wished Owen could have been free like her. But he was still stuck in Kilo.
Nathaniel smiled sympathetically. Or at least, that was probably what he was trying to do. Shiftry faces just always looked horrific.

"I think I will not ask about this 'someone' you mention. I hope you will not be parted forever, Ms Mhynt, whatever comes to pass."

He nodded, and carefully put away his notepad.

"I think I have enough to work with. I look forward to writing this particular piece – I thank you for your time, and for something hopeful to write, Treecko Mhynt."

The journalist stepped down from his stool and gave a polite, formal bow.
Mhynt nodded as well. "Thank you for your time," she said. "I think I also got enough information for a platform to search more. I hope others in our group will be able to give you more information... but be warned that we are... eclectic."

The Treecko stood up and offered a casual wave.

In a blink of light, she was gone.
"Well. Just in case there was any doubt, I suppose?" murmured Nathaniel to himself. "She'll not have my knee problems when she ages if she travels around like that all the time, that's for certain..."

He downed what was left of the tea he'd made for Mhynt, picked up his notepad to flick through, and got to work.

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