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Funy mafia video


Forumed User
Idk where else to put this

These arent new but I just found them & theyre soo good 😍😍

There are eng subtitles if they dont come on automatically
IDK why when you search on YT itself these titles come up in english.. theyre really simply titled anyway, ill annotate below

This is a shorter one

Altho it doesnt make any sense after youve watched all of it xD
Im convinced the end used to be clickable links to branching ending thats now gone.. had yt already removed that link embedding by 2020..? I mean it also works rly well without it or if it was never that

This is a longer one. Seems to be a round table of the channels biggest characters - I recognised some of the jokes from videos id watched just prior, but probably missed others cuz I sure am not that deep into their back catalogue

"Mafia - The First Night"

"Mafia - The Second Night"

"Mafia - The Third Night"

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