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Requests Open Furry dollmaker Request Shop

Nikora Kurosaka

Keep a mild groove on!!
I'm deem myself an expert using the Furry Dollmaker on deviantart.com, and if you've seen my photo album or my deviantart gallery (i'll post the link below so you guys can check it out), you'd know what i'm talking about. This shop is for those who'd like to claim one or more personalized Furry Dollmaker character for your various personal uses (which I won't question you about).
just tell me what you want it to look like and I'll create it based on your preferences. Once i'm done, I'll send it to you via a PM and just respond with a thanks or if something doesn't seem right with it, tell me and I'll immediately correct it.

Hope to see you guys here at the FDM Request Shop soon!

Atsuki Saijo

Here's the link to my deviantart gallery/catalog: