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Greetings internet!


Bargin Bin Comedian
Hello! My name is Psyking (Well, online it is) and I am joining these forums. Just so you know, this is not my first internet forum (Not even my first Pokémon one), but I would say this one seems different somehow from most of the forums I've been to. Funny thing is, I've been visiting this site for years, but I didn't notice the fora until recently (How embarrassing). Feel free to mock me for my rampant stupidity if you would (Really I appreciate it!). :grin:


is not a... a spicy tuna roll!!
Fusoso, I like you. :3
I'm Frostagin, the resident crazed Hetalia fan crazy anglophile frost dragon.
Have some scones! They're not burnt, I swear!

LuckyLapras' Duck

Those tomatoes are rancid.
Hi! Welcome to the cave! Enjoy my array of psychadelic colours, and tell me if I spelt that wrong, for it is on 3 posts. I am the resident Lapras maniac (I even call my character "Lapras" in the games) and I am still trying to figure some stuff out. =P


Super-Mega-Awesomeness-ness-ness. Bleh. :P
Greetings! I am ElectricTogetic, resident Bug Maniac. All of us here who have greeted you as of this post are of the Fish Jumpers Social Group. You should join!