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Phantom Sorcerer
I'm a pokemon-style spriter working on a ROM hack alongside my good friend, AspiringPokeTrainer. That's the brusque way of putting it, anyway...

Aspiring PokeTrainer is a YouTuber who has been honing his skills as a ROM hacker and spriter since 2014. He boasts what is perhaps the most comprehensive Pokemon ROM hacking tutorial channel on YouTube. But his true goal is to create an unforgettable hack of Pokemon Fire Red, one that includes its own set of fakemon, custom trainers, custom music, and the originality of the ever-elusive nontraditional plot. Five years in the making, most of this work has already been accomplished, but there is still much to be done. My current main roles in it are to compose the music and be an advisor to APT.

I look forward to meeting you all.