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It's "I think, therefore I am," not "I am, therefore I am." The latter is circular logic, and doesn't prove anything. It would be like declaring that you can think, just because you thought to say so.

...I'm beginning to confuse myself. Welcome to the Cave of Dragonflies! Have some tea and cod, if you like, and make yourself at home. Make sure to avoid the carnivorous welcome mats.
My argument was cogent.

Therefore, my argument was cogent.

Therefore, I am a human being.

Because you are also a human being, you should trust in the fact I am a human being because of my human beingness.

Ok, this is getting silly.

I'm just a dude who's studying Japanese and draws every now and then. Nice to meet you. I wasn't aware that the mats were attempting to eat me, as they were burning long before I had the chance to find out. Things can be strange like that, I suppose.
Welcome, sentient one. Descartes yourself over to the cafeteria for a fresh helping of tea and cod.

I would love tea.

As long as tea isn't liquid.

Because liquid things break electronic things.

Not that I'm electronic.

Therefore, it wouldn't break me.

But I'd rather it not be liquid.
Hello [SUBJECT NAME HERE], please help yourself to some [TEA] and [COD]. Dragonture Flyence is not responsible for for implosion of your internal organs following ingestion of the Dragonture Flyence standard issue Tea and Cod.

Crappy portal references aside, welcome!
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