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Help on picking a graphics tablet.

shy ♡

whispers in gay
idk I just see a lot of people buying tablets for the first time getting the biggest one possible!!1! because they feel like they have to. Obviously drawing on a sticky note =/= drawing comfortably...? o.o
And using a larger-one can be very difficult because they're just cumbersome and get in your way and are heavy. You need one whose drawing area is around that of an actual piece of paper.
Sorry I really dislike when people ignore a part of my post just to react to the rest of it?? Obviously I didn't say 'get the biggest one possible!!!1!' thanks though.


Staff member
oh my god

my point was that as long as you are drawing on a tablet comfortably, it doesn't really matter how big it is in reference to how well it works. I replied only to the sticky-note remark because a larger one "[being] just cumbersome and [getting] in your way and [is] heavy" doesn't actually alter how comfortable it is to draw on, it just affects secondary stuff like deskspace or if you have to move it around. That is why I did not reply to it! I didn't say you said that getting the biggest one!!1! is important; that was my justification for even mentioning size at all, and I wanted to make sure Mewtini hadn't been misled like that. Obviously you are not getting a tablet for the first time, therefore I am not talking about you!

The fact is I qualified my statement with "as long as it's comfortable to draw on you'll be fine" in the first place means that this is all way, way extraneous and not even worth talking about because I didn't even suggest what you appear to think I am saying.

this is silly can we stop? i mean really