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Kung Fu Ferret vs Irritated Fern


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[size=+2]Kung Fu Ferret vs Irritated Fern[/size]

Format: 3v3 single
Style: Switch
DQ: one month
Damage Cap: 40%
Banned/Restricted Moves: OHKO moves
Arena Description: Inside an Egyptian pyramid, but blocks can be moved from the inside so the battle could take place outside.

Kung Fu Ferret's active squad

turtwig Geb the male Turtwig <Overgrow>
weedle Ah Muzen Cab the male Weedle <Shield Dust>
poochyena Fenrir the male Poochyena <Quick Feet>
woobat Cupid the male Woobat <Unaware>
ponyta Apollo the male Ponyta <Flash Fire>
goldeen Chang'e the female Goldeen <Water Veil>
jangmo-o Bellona the female Jangmo-o <Overcoat>
skorupi Serqet the female Skorupi <Sniper>

Irritated Fern's active squad

chikorita Albert the male Chikorita <Overgrow>
meowth-alola Furball the female Meowth (Alola Form) <Pickup>
cutiefly Looter the female Cutiefly <Honey Gather>
ekans Knes the male Ekans <Intimidate>
sandshrew-alola Puck the male Sandshrew (Alola Form) <Snow Cloak>
ralts Two the male Ralts <Synchronize>

1. Kung Fu Ferret sends out
2. Irritated Fern sends out and attacks
3. Kung Fu Ferret attacks
I haven't seen Irritated Fern online for quite some time, to be honest.

EDIT: In fact, he/she/it/they haven't been online since I posted my challenge.
Yup. If you don't want to continue the challenge, then we can ask Irritated Fern if they're still interested, and if we don't get a response, then the battle's over.

Or you can send out and wait out the DQ time for Irritated Fern.
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