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Suggestions Let's try this one more time


pretty good
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it me
All of it is good except... the head and tail. The tail needs a better outline, and the head A) doesn't have a neck, and b) doesn't really match the position the rest of it is in. Also, it's connected to the arms.

But other than that, good job.


Somewhere in teenagerhood
I see. Naturally after a long absence from the spriting scene I'll not be as good but hey, cheers for the critique, we'll see where this takes us.


Bask In Da' Glory (The Arsenal of Awesome)
The tail's shading should be reverse; it appears to be moving opposite the body. Other than that, it only looks wrong because Golem is bald. That is, as Pokemon fans- or humans, really, we're expecting something above the top of the head (hair, ears, a body). It messes with our psyche. You might want to add Charmeleon's horns or another Pokemon's parts (Raichu's ears come to mind) to the top of his head.