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Magikarp: the Gathering

I need some assistance.

I clicked Hoenn and Butterfree talked to me again, but as for where to look next I don't know. I think it may be the Tips and Tricks Section but I can't be sure.
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I'd like to ask... Why can I not use the Hangman game? It says there's an error in the source code if you look, but others seem to be using it just fine. And I've done all the steps before that... Is this just a bug? (Not sure if all that need to be put in spoilers, but you can't be too careful.)
Whooops, looks like I just broke the hangman when I added Volcanion. It should work now!
Technically really late to be posting here I think but, maybe one way to make the source code viewing parts doable on mobile could be that clicking on where the hints would be would reveal them in, say, a tooltip? Just saw that that was a problem listed on the page and thought this thread would be relevant (unless it should be in a suggestions thread.)
Yeah, that'd be a sensible way to do it. Don't know when I might get around to implementing it, though.
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