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Frontier Town Mayoral Residence – Ground Floor

"Well, there might not be much time to figure out what to do," murmured Laura. "Next one's tomorrow night."
Tomorrow night? Oh, that was far too soon. They'd only just learned about this...

Andre listened keenly to the ideas the others had. Sneaking in... how exactly were they supposed to sneak out after that? If the pokémon being carted there could flee that easily, surely they would have already. Disguising themselves as guards... that had a better chance of working out, but even then, the mon could be keeping track of guards, and their cover would be quickly blown. But what else could they do? A day was vanishingly little time, and the longer they waited, the more likely it was that the people behind this would realize information had been compromised and change up their plans.

There were thirty of them. Should they just... put some of themselves up to it, fully knowing they might be lost?

No, what a terrible thing to think. Lives were not to be played with like that. You're one to say. No, they would not be sacrificing people amongst themselves. Not to mention how you should be the first in line.

"I'll see what I can find out," she told those still nearby, "and then, I guess... we can come up with a plan. Good night, and um... I'll see you guys tomorrow."
Yes. They all needed some sleep, especially after that battle. You didn't do anything. "I'm gonna take off, too," he said, descending the stairs from the mezzanine. He sought out Morgan for a brief goodbye, hoping the gothita hadn't been looking to spend the night with him for multiple reasons, and left the mansion.

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