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Musical Noir


A brand new community for fans of all kinds of music, most notably gothic, industrial, metal, etc. but all kinds of music fans are welcome. Me and a very good friend of mine have been working on this quite a bit, and we are finally satisfied enough to open it up to the public.

Please do check us out and let us know what you think!

Two very, very small things I want to pick on here.

First point is that the black table is near-invisible upon the dark grey on my screen. However, this could just be something to do with my settings. Either way, the borders either need to be brightened so they stand out from the dark background more or the background needs to be ligtened so you can see the borders more clearly. Preferably lightening the borders as the "Hello there guest" box at the top just looks like it could do with a better outline.

Second point is the "Musical Noir" header. I like the font style and the background effect that has been put on it however, I do feel it is a little bland. Though you may not agree, I feel it could use more shades of blue to make is appear to be 3D just by lightening and darkening particular areas, which would then make it look like there's a light source to cast the background shadow. Of course, I do appreciate that this may be difficult as making it too light would make the "Important" and "General" headers have the same problem.

Feel free to ignore these suggestions. Otherwise, I do like the cloudy striped background and think this works well with the rest of the colours on these forums.
Thanks for the feedback, Espeon. I'll talk it through with the other administrator and see what she thinks.

I'm not sure I see what you're saying about the borders, though - they're as visible as they need to be for me. Is your monitor set to be very dark?

We also have a contest going on now, so do participate if you'd like :)
Yeah, I really do think that's it... at least, you're the first person I've heard mentioning the borders.
This doesn't really look like my kind of forum, but I do have to say that it looks nice. I like the colors you used in the layout and the banner. I think the borders look fine as they are. And I really like the name "Musical Noir"... it's the reason why I looked at this thread in the first place. Good luck!
How did you think of the name? It's rather interesting.
It fits us quite well, doesn't it? Actually, we just thought of words we really liked. "Noir" was one of them... and it kind of stuck. =P

And thanks, Mirry. ^^
It's a little plain, I think... I like the amateur sort of feel, but I think for boards like 'Your Creations', there should be something signifying what sort of board it will be. Things like it tend not to get any posts when the only description or information given is something like 'have you drawn or written something? if so, post here!'.

Uh... that's the only thing I can think of. =P Well, that and organising the boards a little more, but I'm just an organisational freak like that and it's probably just fine the way it is.

I'd join, but I don't listen to much 'dark music' so I'd probably look a bit of a fool.
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