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My name is Boquise, top o' the morning to you!


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I hail from mafia communities and have been asked by Eifie to play in a MU invitational. It is always fun to visit forums and play mafia elsewhere, interact with new people etc. I'm also rival with and adversary of Eifie, despite her claims of having me as her minion smh.

uh. More in general about me...
I am 25, from Sweden. Newly graduated and employed high school teacher in Swedish (and History and lit science). I am a nerd who has spent his adult life studying, basically. I like writing, video games, reading... I like Pokémon so that's a nice fit. Hello hello tbh.


he, they
Welcome, Boquise! Have some complimentary tea and cod.

I hope you enjoy playing mafia here!