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Not sure if this is a good place to ask, but

Tyranitar freak

Yes sir, I am some sort of jackass.
I need help with something. I'm working on a sprite comic over on another site, but I need some backgrounds from HG/SS, and if possible, some stuff from B/W. Thnx in advance.


I looked a little more via google and eevee_em is right! Bulbapedia seems to stock every overworld picture from HG/SS in its walkthrough, and they look pretty high quality... if that's what you meant by backgrounds anyway. Found them linked at some other strategy website...
(also a great website <3)

EDIT: Oh right, so this forum is OK but you should probably ask in the Artist's Lounge next time, since this thread doesn't contain any art and that's where most of the art-related discussion goes on. But yeah, if you can google it this easily probably not worth asking ~