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Closed Of Gods and Pokemon

Xaxas was annoyed by the fact that he was ignored, but brushed it of as the man bring the little girl in with him, and he seemed to be very... tense. The boy decided to sneak around to the back of the cottage and tried to eavesdrop on them, as a breeder entered to cottage as well. But before he had a chance to hear anything, he heard a scream as a girl, slightly younger then him, screamed. He leaped from his hiding spot and dashed with his Scyther to the source.

What he saw was not pretty.

Standing a few metres away from him was a 7-foot-tall Stantler, with eyes as red as fire, and a glossy black coat of fur. He shook his head as if to relieve himself, but noticed that someone else heard the cry for help as well. The man that lived in the cottage had attacked the monster with his Aerodactyl and Kingdra. He looked as if he was doing ok, so he headed over to the girl, still on the floor not far away from the fight. He ran to wards her.

"Hey, are you all right?" He winced when he saw her foot. " Here, I'll carry you to a cottage not far way."
Bépya looked vaguely concerned at the loud scream that had issued from somewhere in their general vicinity. When the dark boy tore after the source of the sound, Bépya followed, striding with his long legs.

Eric's Aerodactyl seemed to be having trouble with whatever that thing was; it resembled a stantler, but it was wrong-looking... It was black, for one thing.

Bépya also saw another person attempting to help a girl, apparently the source of the shriek earlier. He seemed to be attempting to pick her up... The tall boy grabbed a Safari Ball out of his satchel and tossed it out, releasing a humongous Kangaskhan.

"Help that guy out, okay, Kalih?" the tan boy said hurriedly. The Kangaskhan looked around quickly, looked strangely at the mutated deer, and tromped off towards the injured girl and her knight in shining armor.

Bépya pulled out another Ball, this time a white-and-red one that looked worn but clean. The Pokémon which it released was a Kricketune, Bépya's oldest Pokémon. At the sight of the Stantler, Dom let out an alarm-like whoo-oop! and glanced at his trainer.

"I don't know what it is, Dom, but try a Bug Buzz."

The Bug-Type nodded quickly and crossed his arms together, doing the same with his wings. He rubbed both pairs of appendages together, which produced a buzzing, very irritating noise.
The Stantler didn't even turn its head to the Kricketune, concentrated solely on slaughtering the blue thing that emerged from the bubbles, even though the sound scrambled its brain further, hurting it. Eric frowned. "Neptune, use Rain Dance, quick!" he commanded. The Kingdra hopped away from the Stantler in response and began doing a strange dance. Within seconds clouds gathered in the sky. Soon, thunder rumbled and rain began to pour out. The Stantler didn't even look up, and it charged at Neptune. A few steps away, it raised its hooves, about to use Stomp. Neptune dodged to the side and let out a Dragon Pulse as he slid across the ground. The Dragon Pulse hit the Stantler right in the head, leaving a nasty burn...

...Which the Stantler ignored. All it served to do was let the Stantler know where the Kingdra was. It screamed loudly at Neptune. "STRANANANANA!" it shouted loudly before digging its hooves into the ground. It charged at Neptune, ready to gouge him with its antlers. Neptune jumped, but was caught when the Stantler raised its head, hurling the Kingdra to the side. The Kingdra screeched in pain when he slammed into the trees. "KING!" he yelled out, the branches tearing his skin. Eric frowned. "Ok, fuck this. Just... Fuck this. You do NOT get away with that!" he yelled at the Stantler. "Pikachu, Double Team and prepare a Thunder attack!" he told the runty rodent by his side. Pikachu nodded and zoomed to the Stantler, leaving behind copies of herself that surrounded it. Pikachu grinned and an electric charge formed. She let loose a powerful Thunder attack at the Stantler, electrically burning it. But, it didn't care. Pikachu whimpered as it began to destroy the clones. Eric frowned. "Pikachu, run away, now!" he shouted, and Pikachu did, fleeing up a tree.
Frightened, Lucidia watched from her alcove as several people came out of nowhere to defend her. They seemed to be able to see clearer than her, as they seemed to know what the monster was. One man called it a Daimuhce, which Lucidia had never heard before. She imagined this as some kind of new Pokemon, and thought of it as a black, formless cloud with two red eyes.

She only stopped staring at it when a boy came rushing over to her, asking if she was alright and offering to carry her to a cottage. Much as she disliked having to be carried to safety, she doubted she could run by herself all the way there.

"Fine," she gasped, shifting into a better position to be picked up in. "But shouldn't I help you guys?"
Baby heard a scream, and both her and Cid wheeled around, looking for the source. The Nidoking saw the monster first, and lowered his head, his long, jagged horn glowing a deep green. he charged the massive Stantler, the Megahorn attack aimed for it's belly and a low bellow coming from his maw. Baby spotted the thing right after, and took a step back in surprise. She'd never seen anything like this before.

Then the rain started, and the bright burst of light from the thunder attack hurt her eyes. She held a hand over her face, watching Cid try and grapple the strange beast. Ezekeil turned his own massive bulk around, shielding the tiny girl from any attack she may come under. Finally, Baby found her voice.

"Cid!" She choked out, her face pulled into an expression of worry. "Zeek, help him! Thunder, now!" She yelled, and the Raikou obeyed right away, throwing his head back and roaring skywards.

Overhead, the clouds parted and electricity crackled along their seething underbellies, blue and white and yellow all at once. A thick, powerful bolt tore away from the clouds above, much larger than the Pikachu's attack had been, and a brilliant, blinding white. There was a deafening boom and the Thunder attack crashed to earth, slamming into the dirt with a force comparable to a freight train; Raikou was a God of Thunder, after all. Baby could only cover her eyes at the searing white flash. She knew Cid would be safe; his natural immunity to electricity would serve him well, but that monster was sure to be dead now...

But why did she feel like it wasn't, deep down...?
The Stantler was on the ground, smoking, the Mega Horn having flung it a good distance and the Thunder having fried it. But then it did something amazing. It stood up and stared the Raikou down. It dug its hooves in the ground. The thing would not die.

Eric growled. "How the hell...? It shouldn't be standing after that!" he shouted, worried. The Stantler began to charge at Baby and her Raikou. Some of its bone could be seen. It did not care. It quickly closed the gap, but then began to slow. It dropped to the ground inches from the Raikou. The Thunder attack disrupted its heart, making it beat wildly. The mad rush was its last attempt at killing, its last chance to spread the madness. Eric frowned. He wanted to check it and figure out how it lasted so long, but he had an injured Kingdra to attend to. He ran to the dragon Pokemon. "Neptune, move everything," he asked the Kingdra. He did and cringed when it came to his tail. Eric felt it, asking if it hurt at various times. Kingdra yelped in pain when Eric squeeze about three inches down from the base after stretching the tail. He frowned.

"That's going to need some mending. Alright big guy," he assured the Kingdra, "Hang in there."

Eric picked up the Kingdra, cradling him in both arms. The Kingdra frowned, knowing that a Max Potion wouldn't fix this, and that his trainer was going to be short a Pokemon for a while. Eric then called for his Pikachu, who ran down the tree eagerly. The small rodent jumped onto his head. Eric laughed. "So you want to be my hat?" he asked. The Pikachu looked up for a second, pondering, before rushing into Eric's shirt. Eric laughed more. "So, you want to leave your trainer high and wet, huh?"

Rosetta frowned, flying to Eric. She hated rain, as it reminded her of her weakness. She had to admit, though, that it did one thing that she liked. It soothed the carvings in her back, the ones her trainer constantly studied. Eric walked over to the Stantler.

"Hmm... I wonder... Hey, does anybody have a Biodex? If so, then I can finally figure out what the hell causes this."
Xaxas nodded and started to pick the girl up. "No, you are hurt, and you need rest. I do not think you should be fighting. Besides, they can take care of themselves." he replied.

Surprisingly, she was quite light, and he did not need a lot of effort to carry her. The boy did not notice much of what happened, but he could hear them over the sounds of battle. He heard that the man, Eric, is battling in his earnest, but is not doing that well. As he was nearing the cottage, he saw that the little girl and her Nidoking rushing to the battle.

When he finally reached his destination, he kicked the door as a form of a knock, but quickly found out that there was no one inside. Thinking the man would not care, he opened the door as best as he could without dropping the strange girl. As he was setting her down on a nearby couch, he asked "By the way, what is your name? Mine is Xaxas."

After setting her down, he took a look at her forehead. He winced. "It looks as if he have to clean it out, then put on a bandage."

After finding a first aid kit, he took out the alcohol and poured a bit onto a piece of tissue paper, and started to put it on her forehead, saying "Ok, this will sting a bit." After that was done he wiped it and put on a bandage.

"Ok, we are done." he said as he looked out a window to see that thing smoking dead.
"My name is Lucidia," replied Lucidia as Xaxas examined her forehead. She suddenly realized that she had a rather large cut there when he started cleaning it out.

Somewhat embarrassed at having to be taken care of (especially by a handsome guy her age), she tried to turn her mind to something else with a conversation.

"So... are you an aspiring doctor too?"
"Hmm?" he said dumbly as he turned his towards Lucidia. "No, not really. And come to think of it, I have no idea what to do." And it was true. For as long as he remembered, he only traveled and never stayed in one place for very long. He then walked towards her and inspected her foot.

"Hmm, it looks as if you can walked again." He got up and went to the door, opening it. "Come on, we should see whats doing on out there. Or do I have to carry you again?" he finished with a wink as he strode out of the cottage without seeing her reply.
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Well then, her attempt at socializing had totally failed. Lucidia couldn't think of anything to reply with, except for something along the lines of I hope you've washed your hands recently and haven't been dragging them around in places I don't want to know about, which seemed rude.

Her mouth gaped at his closing wink. What the heck was this guy thinking? She could probably guess, even though psychology wasn't her realm.

What does he know, anyway? I'd better check my foot myself.

She sat up and leaned over, tenderly feeling her foot with her hands. She winced a little bit at the slight soreness, but it seemed fine. She could move it, which was good; she didn't want to have to put up with a broken foot or ankle. She assumed that she had just gotten a minor sprain, and made a mental note to herself to not jiggle her foot a lot like she did sometimes when she got impatient.

She quickly got up off the couch, shifting her weight a bit to her uninjured foot. She walked outside with a slight limp, clutching one of her Poke Balls in case the smoke cloud attacked.

Approaching cautiously, Lucidia slowly reached the small group around the thing. It was still dark, and she still couldn't see exactly what it was.

"What... is it?" she inquired.
Eric heard the girl and turned around. "It is a Stantler. A corrupted one, called a Daimuhce," he told the girl before sighing. "I still need to find a researcher with a biodex so I can figure out what is causing this..."

He then got up. "Well, everybody should be getting inside before we get attacked again. I would not be surprised if there were more Daimuhce. Hopefully nothing big like Stantler, but I don't want to take the risk."
"What do you mean by corrupted? Corrupted as in Shadow Lugia corrupted?" Without waiting for his answer, Lucidia pulled out three Poke Balls and released her three 'smartest' Pokemon: Set, Shimmer, and Grace.

"Do any of you know about this 'Daimuhce' crap?" she asked. Grace silently shook her head, staring in bewilderment at the Stantler-thing.

"I've lived for more than a century... but I've never heard of a Daimuhce," grumbled Set, obviously upset that he didn't know about this.

"I've lived far longer, but neither have I. It... rings a bell, though," added Shimmer. "Can't remember anything about it, I'm afraid."

Lucidia turned back to the group without recalling her Pokemon. "So... do any of you know anything about this? Other than its name?"
Eric sighed as Lucidia asked around. "Corrupted, as in... Corrupted. Something causes them to change and act violently. I have yet to figure out what causes it, though, or why all of them are violent. All I know is that they seem very confused at first, and after a while, become violent, lashing out at everything. I don't even know if it is caused by a toxin, bacteria, virus, drug, or a Pokemon attack!" Eric said loudly, obviously frustrated.

Rosetta gnashed her teeth some, being set off by her trainer's frustration. "DaACT!" she cried loudly.
"Well... is this the first one you've encountered? And are they restricted to this area, around here, or are they all over the world? I would imagine it's a relatively new condition, seeing as there are no reports at all of giant Pokemon who try to kill everything... And I should know, since I read about these kinds of things all the time.

"I highly doubt it's a toxin, unless it's artificial... otherwise, it would've done this a long time ago. Then again, I suppose we are around the abandoned lab of a mad scientist, where any curious Pokemon could play around with the dangerous things lying around.

"A bacteria or virus is also unlikely, unless it's a sudden genetic mutation. If that's the case, then it's practically impossible to kill every single mutated bacteria or virus, especially if it's a virus. It's also very difficult to vaccinate every single Pokemon on the planet.

"A drug is likely, since, again, we're around an abandoned lab. A wild Stantler who came wandering in wouldn't know any better than to swallow it or something.

"And as for an attack... I wouldn't know how to judge that, since Pokemon attacks aren't my specialty. I've never heard of any Pokemon attack that could do this, but I wouldn't know. It's possible. Personally, I'm hoping for the drug, though, since it's easiest to prevent."

Lucidia had been pacing back and forth, mostly just talking to herself, but she now turned back to the group.

"Also... could this affect... you know... humans?"
Eric sighed. "It isn't the first I encountered... And there seems to have been an outbreak at least once in history..." he said quietly, barely audible. He then frowned. "I don't think humans can be affected, but then again, I don't know how similar to Pokemon humans are. Anyways, all I know is what I have translated off of Rosetta. Something about how those who gaze upon the form of Jtagn [Sa-TAY-jen] go mad... Seems like superstitious bullshit, but still, when I look at the carving of this Jtagn thing that was included with the cipher, I SWEAR it moves occasionally..."
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