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Pokemon characters with the worst hairstyles


New member
I was going to only do this for game protagonists, but now knowing that there are way too many characters in this franchise with really, really dumb hair, basically this is a discussion thread for basically anybody in the games who just have incredibly questionable hairdos. So yeah, like the title says, what do you think?

nice helmet, man
in the manga diamond, pearl, and like the pokemon league chairman or something got called the "weird hair trio"

I think

it's been a while since I read that part
If we're talking about Orre characters then Ein has got to be a contender.

And now thinking about it, Colress's Internet Explorer 'do is a bit over the top too.
I find May's and the B/W female protagonist's (I think in Pokemon Masters her name is Hilda?) particularly unappealing. The shape of May's hair is just weird and ugly and the B/W female's is way too huge and poofy. Not to mention it's illogical, how did she manage to get all that thick-ass hair through the back of that cap?

It's not a hairstyle but I am also not a fan of Brendan's hat which entirely obscures his hair. It just doesn't look right.
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