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Pokémon Fanfic Community - Thousand Roads Forums


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Pokémon Fanfic Community - Thousand Roads Forums

If you enjoy reading or writing Pokémon fanfiction, come visit Thousand Roads! It's a young and growing Pokémon fanfic community. Check out the stories posted by our members, or post your own and get feedback on your work! We also run a number of events and activities to have fun and help you with your writing and reading goals. For example, if you like worldbuilding, check out the cool worlds members worked on for Worldbuilding June! You're welcome to use the prompts to flesh out your own settings, even though June has gone by. For July we're running a Pokémon-themed word crawl event for Camp NaNoWriMo, and we also have a silly collaborative-writing game going on, if you'd like a low-stress way to jump into participating in the community. If you're up for some casual real-time chat, we also have a Discord server where you can get real-time help, participate in events, or simply hang out and chat.

Hope to see you there!