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Pokémon Red Playthrough - Flying mono (sort of)


New member
As I am in the mood for it once again, I am going to be adventuring back in good old Kanto, on the Virtual Console version of Pokémon Red. I rarely play the Pokémon games any more without deciding my team beforehand and this time is no different - I am going to be going for a Flying mono-type run (sort of). The team is as follows;

  1. Charizard - If one of the regional starters has the type I'm going to be using, then you can bet that I am using that regional starter
  2. Pidgeot - I feel that having a second Pokémon early on in the run helps to prevent overlevelling
  3. Gyarados - I can pick up the Magikarp on Route 4
  4. Dragonite - If the regional pseudo-legendary has the type I'm going to be using, then you can bet that I am using that regional pseudo-legendary
  5. Venomoth - Not actually a Flying-type, but I believe that if triple typing existed, Venomoth would get a Flying-type. Besides, I've never used a Venomoth before, and I'd like to change that
  6. Zadpos - Yeah, I know it's basically cheating.

I'd originally thought about Aerodactyl over Zapdos, but the fact that it can't learn a single Rock type move in Generation I is so frustrating. Then again, Dragonite only gets Dragon Rage and Venomoth can't learn any offensive Poison-type moves... So maybe I'm being too harsh on it.

Other than that, the other options are Butterfree, Fearow, Golbat, Farfetch'd, Dodrio, Scyther, and the two remaining birds of the legendary trio. Would anyone suggest any team differences or do anything differently to me?


New member
For anyone who is interested, I've done it. I've finally finalised the final team for my final (wait... no, scrap that final final) playthrough of Pokémon Red Version. And boy did I get creative when considering potential final members of the roster.

The selection process went as such;
  • I am happy with my existing choices, despite knowing they're not optimal.
  • I don't want to overlap types, at all, except for Flying.
  • I want to avoid using legendary Pokémon if at all possible.
As a result, these are all the Flying-type Pokémon excluded as a result of my arbitrary rules.

Butterfree, Fearow, Golbat, Farfetch'd, Dodrio, Scyther, Articuno, Zapdos and (doubly so) Moltres.

And here are all the Flying theme Pokémon that I scraped the barrel for, that are also excluded because of the aforementioned rules.

Clefable (wings), Wigglytuff (the Balloon Pokémon), Golduck (part duck), Gengar (more so the pre-evolutions, but it still had Levitate in future games), Weezing (floating), Mewtwo and Mew (also floating).

So you'd think that would leave me with Aerodactyl, right? The original selection before I was put off by how one-dimensional its moveset was back then. But there was one more Pokémon that fits my tenuous theme of Flying, which you may have noticed I didn't mention in my list above. And I didn't mention it because it fits my criteria, and right into my team, nicely.

That's right everyone, it's Alakazam Magneton.

So my final team will be Charizard, Pidgeot, Gyarados, Magneton, Venomoth, and Dragonite.

...Does anyone else get more fun from planning teams than actually playing through the game? My services are avaliable for free, if anyone is interested. Give me a theme, any theme.

EDIT: Technically, Pikachu also learns Fly in Generation I, due to nonsense events. But... no.
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