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Pokemon Rom Scripting

White Wolf

New member
Hi, I'm making a new pokemon hack called Pokemon Aotearoa and if you want to find out more see my Calling All Spriters thread in the sprites and pixel art.
But to the point, does any of the hacking people know how to script properly, I can make signs say things but I can't do anything else, so can anyone help me out?

Involuntary Twitch

I want the earth to spin in the opposite direction
...So I guess I was wrong to apologize; you clearly have no idea what you're doing. :/

Hacking requires knowledge of hex and crap, and I don't know the specifics but there are several sites with hacking sections and tutorials. Here is one, here is another, and the rest are just a Google search away.

*shakes head*

White Wolf

New member
No, I don't have no idea, I've been hacking for ages and I can do everything except scripting, I can create new pokemon, new maps, new items, change all the stats of pokemon, create stories and plots and change all the text ingame and can create new scripts but the only I thing I can't do is insert the new scripts and make them work. I tried loads of tutorials and loads of different programs but it still won't work.

EDIT: Also your first link doesn't work and the other link goes to pokecommunity, I've been registered there for years under the name Artic Wolf and I've already done all those tutorials.
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