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Pokèmon Sleep


Stuck in the 90s
Sssoooo! Is anyone here doing this? Were you like me and thought this game was an April Fools joke until something like, one day before official release?

As far as I'm seeing, I feel like the general public is very divisive on this subject. I have a few friends of mine who would live and die for Pokèmon products yet as soon as I mention this game they shun it as the worst idea ever; a lot of controversies obviously come from the data collecting aspect of the game and while I generally understand the concern I'm not really sure sleeping hours or snoring sounds could ever be sensitive data that you'd want to protect at all costs. Plus it seems to be collected only for very general statistics and not much else (I admit my reasoning here is rather naive, but... still, we're talking about data like "I went to sleep at 11PM and woke up at 6AM").

Not gonna lie, I like the idea! I like how developers managed to base a game with an interesting novelty gimmick on a Pokèmon that's generally loved but not always in the spotlight like Snorlax, it's nice to see game mascots that are not starters nor legendaries for a change. This was the same feeling for Magikarp Jump and I hope more casual spinoffs get based on random monsters that aren't the usual Pikachu/Charizard/whatever generational "sweetheart" GF decides to put under the spotlight.
The overall graphical presentation is very pleasing, too. The "professor" they decided to add as introduction to the game is pretty endearing and well thought, game feels colorful and relaxing at the same time, and it makes sense that there's not much to do during waking hours since it's based mostly on tracking sleep.

Unfortunately my deal breaker is precisely how your phone is supposed to track sleep. I'm definitely not a fan of keeping a phone so close to my head throughout the whole night and even the idea of keeping it running on your pillow, even while still attached to its charge, takes a toll on the device's battery and can be a overheating hazard; the game itself reccomends not to put the phone under the pillow or covers in order to avoid this but especially in summer it's still gonna heat up a lot if left all night with an application running... and Pokèmon Sleep isn't even that kind of application that goes easy on a phone's CPU.

Nevertheless, I at least wanted to give it a try when it came out because I liked the novelty, but everytime I tried to track my night sleep it gave me "Invalid session" errors, even following all the application guidelines, so I had to give up. It must be my phone :(

Husband's phone instead tracks his sleep well, so he's been playing since the game came out. I'm in charge of nicknaming all the monsters he catches :3

How about you? Are you playing Pokèmon Sleep? Do you have concerns on its functionality or longevity as a spinoff? Does it even work for you or am I the only one who can't track their sleep? XD
I was down to try it until the trailer was like yeah leave your phone on all night lol. The personality test thingy on the website said I sleep like a Digglett though which is absolutely true
I was down to try it until the trailer was like yeah leave your phone on all night lol. The personality test thingy on the website said I sleep like a Digglett though which is absolutely true
The literal second the trailer showed how to place the phone for recording I was like "hmm I see! Not gonna play this then" xD

I haven't done that test yet though, I should!
I honestly sleep on the floor and not on a bed, so even if this game benefitted me, it doesn't, so I'm not playing. I don't sleep well, anyway, so I doubt I'd catch a lot of Pokemon.
Wow, it actually came out... I can't see myself ever using it but the art looks nice and we get some interesting new pokédex entries. I found the full list of stuff on this site.

Look at Houndoom and its entry:


"Houndoom breathes flames when it’s angry and, on rare occasions, when it’s asleep. Perhaps it’s dreaming of fighting other Houndoom to choose the leader of the pack."
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