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Pokemon: Vanir


Hi, this is my first hack. It's not very far yet, and I've not done any scripting or heavy modification, but here it is:



There are two other towns, but those are the only ones I have screen shots of.

You begin in a new region. The starter Pokemon are those of the second generation. The wild Pokemon are from all three generations. The first, and currently only, gym is psychic. I haven't really worked on it in a while due to another project, but I'll try to do more later. If anyone wants to play it, tell me how to upload it. Oh, and it's a Leafgreen hack.
On that first map you have WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAYYYYYYYYYYYY too much empty space. At least use the different grass tiles, or just make the map smaller so you don't have all that space.
I actually added the name rater building there. Not only did it take up some empty space, but it gives us the ability to change names early on :)
If it's a hack of Leafgreen, you create an .ips patch with a program like Lunar IPS and upload that file.
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