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posting on public forums is scary


tax fraud
hello everyone! i'm trebek/ryan, formerly a mediocre forum rp dude (if anyone knows pokeheroes i lived there like 4-5 years ago)

i study math/computer science, and i'm super into symphonic metal (and other metallic varieties) and mmorpgs (played swtor hardcore for a few years but lmao that games dead so if anyone plays ff14 hmu)

idk what else to put here besides "mewtini/kyeugh harassed me into making an account so that i can actually play mafia instead of just listening to them tell me about mafia"
me @ you rn

welcome to tcod, where you can see what mewtini and i posted when we were eleven! please don’t do that. but you can.
It's easy you just write a program to convert from markdown to bbcode and then use it every time you post
there's a lot of Me in this thread. i really appreciate it
Screen Shot 2020-05-01 at 11.23.38 PM.png
its ok, ill still never learn how to properly use bbcode
imagine being able to complete optimization problems using scipy but not being able to use bbcode. couldn't be me, because i can't complete optimization problems!
imagine not using the quote tag correctly

EDIT: you fixed it and now this is out of context. Unfair
imagine dunking on me for not knowing how to use bbcode but messing up quotes sm my h

e: wow it got fixed and mawile beat me to the punch this is awkward
dude using the edit function to fix my mistakes feels so good. i need to get out of the mafia forum.

except now, because you've immortalized my fuckup. thanks a lot mawile
gasp! mewtini and kyeugh did an out-of-thread communication about the game with this individual! all three of them, to jail

hi, welcome! I was also originally here for one thing. it's been one hell of a ride since then,
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