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I love the crunch of heavily distorted guitars, and rap and hip-hop don't exactly fit into that category, so I don't listen to it at all. Today's gangsta, mainstream shit is an insult to humanity, but I hear the old school stuff (as with all old school things) is awesome. It's just not music I enjoy.


helt plötsligt blev det tyst
I have heard both Mos Def and a Tribe Called Quest are excellent. Personally I am not into either, hip-hop simply bores me most of the time, but I recognise quality when I see it.

To be honest with you, I don't put on rap because I constantly find myself in a situation where I could care less about actually listening to it. I don't mind it passively if it's good stuff.

Also, old-skool isn't necessarily cooler. A lot of modern shit is awesome - think of all the amazing new wave of progressive bands out there. That is crazy cool. I mean, if we're talking metal or rap, the classics are where it's at (old school prog rock is often boring), but there's new stuff out there that's certainly doing stuff really well.

To be honest with you guys though if I had a choice between putting on, say, Judas Priest or old school rap I'm going with Judas Priest 9 times out of 10, but thats cos I'm a huge sucker for guitars. Rap doesn't contain enough guitar-oriented material for me to be interested in it.

What I will give hip-hop is that the good ones know how to work a beat and know how to write lyrics. It's too bad there isn't much stuff I listen to for the lyrics (and when I recognise amazing lyrics it's usually metal which means that often the music coupled with it is also amazing). I generally don't prefer the beats of hiphop to the thump of rock or metal.

It is a valid genre though. People need to realise that at least. Modern, overproduced garbage exists in any genre and I am taking Nas or Wu-Tang Clan over the fucking plague of metalcore any day of the year.

To be honest there's fairly little genres out there that aren't good. Country is probably the thing I hate the most. The UMPA UMPA kind of gabber techno is fucking annoying too. Their clubs are usually full of complete shitheads as well.

#1 bro

i completely understand people who just don't really like the sound of hip hop. it's one thing to just not listen to another genre and another to scorn it and say it's "not music" and other things. myself, i pretty much find things to appreciate about every genre except, like you said, country. it's not so much that country is annoying or sort of hick-ish, and more so that it's by far the most blatantly commercial genre with very little true artistic movement involved. but other than that, there's at least one group i like from pretty much every other major genre. folk, pop, jazz, metal, rap, electronic stuff, it's all good.

at the same time though, one must admit that a lot of sub genres contain very little merit. e.g. show me a good "crunk" song.

to be honest i have never been able to listen to very much metal, even though i definitely respect the genre. it's not necessarily that i can't take the "brutality" or whatever, because i have like five different opeth albums that i completely adore (plus i saw them live and it was awesome). it's just that 99% of metal is completely cheesy and overblown and i'm unable to take it seriously at all, and yet the metal bands themselves sound like they are wholly convinced that what they are doing is Serious Business of the highest order. at least even the bad rappers don't pretend to be doing anything other than having a good time over a beat. opeth and mastodon are probably the only metal bands that i don't find cheesy. i mean i once downloaded an album by "blind guardian", i think it was, and i was far too busy laughing to appreciate the music. tool, agalloch, and dream theater are also kind of good, but they are definitely pretty cheesy-sounding at the same time. don't get me wrong, i'd definitely like to find metal that isn't cheesy like this. if you can point me out to any, i'd be really grateful.


helt plötsligt blev det tyst
99% of metal is cheesy. Blind Guardian are the masters of cheese. Metal is kind of a cornball genre so you have to wade through a lot of that. If you don't want cheese: try Neurosis or Cynic.