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In Progress re:GENESIS (Digimon)


A pitiful chorus of kazoos
re:GENESIS (Digimon)

A hundred digital years ago, the godlike Era appeared. Nobody knew from whence he came-- but he didn't hesitate to set to work overthrowing the Digital World. Split into factions, Digimon are now split between whether they follow Era or if they hold out-- fighting back is almost unthinkable, with three-quarters of the Digital World under Era.

It has been ten years in the real world since Era's appearance. The Sovereigns have finally sent out for their last lines of defense: seven human children, paired with digimon that have waited all their lives for their partners to arrive. A mysterious empty text message summons them, plucking them out of their lives and throwing them into the war.

Caught in a battle that may encompass more than just the virtual world they've been forced to save, the odds are against them, but they're the best shot the Digital World has.

So. Erm. ... continuing this is actually my NaNoWriMo project this year, but I figure I can post about it here to gain some more publicity for it. (And because I had a minor freakout when someone on these forums recognized me for it!)

I've been working on it for over a year now; because it is very long and contains almost nothing but original characters and designs in main character roles (it's what we call an FDD, or Fan Digimon and Digidestined, fic), it actually has a little site thing of its own:
Digimon re:GENESIS
Insofar as that, because its characters and iteration of the Digital World are different than any canon (following, well, canon precedent; it's made to resemble a new season of the show -- hence the chapters being called "episodes", a plotted ~50 chapters, completely resetting the world in which it's set) it actually doesn't require any prior knowledge of the Digimon franchise, but I still don't think non-fans are going to read it.

For this, I probably won't actually post chapters in the thread proper, but grant teasers and then link to the chapters on the site, if that's acceptable.
(I do note that the first 13 or so chapters are painfully shakily written and characterized -- I intend to re-write them once I finish the final chapter. Bear with them, if you can.)

The next chapter (#32) should be out relatively quickly due to NaNoWriMo turning me into a writing machine. In the meantime, feel quite free to tear me apart for the extant chapters, character designs, my terrible art, etc.
(it also has its own TV Tropes page, for those of you who care about that sort of thing.)
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A pitiful chorus of kazoos
Re: GENESIS (Digimon)

NaNoWriMo gets shit done.

Chapter 32: Devil on Your Back

"Somehow, I'm not surprised." He sighed, and looked back at Forbidramon with a sort of sad smile. "You're a perfect level, being intimidated by an adult-level," and Serpemon hissed here as though to emphasize the point, "who picks on child-levels. Gonna be honest, here, to me it seems like without me you don't have much in the way of weight to throw around."

Forbidramon snarled, eyes narrowing, but Luke kept on.

"Gotta ask-- you been demoted, ever since you got re-made? A regular agent, now? I mean, now that he's got the Reapers running around, he really need you to boss around agents?"
This time it was Luke's turn not to get a reply.