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Removing vocals from songs?

So, for a "project"/medley I'm planning to do, I will need to make instrumentals of various songs I'm using in it, and remove their vocals so only the music is left.
For some, I've searched for "X instrumental" but for many of them, this doesn't seem to exist. So I might have to make them myself... somehow.

So I'm asking: anyone know any (free) programs/sites that can do this? Just remove the vocals and end up with music that actually sounds somewhat good? (I tried audacity "vocal remover", but this only works for half of the song if I'm lucky, and can mess up parts too/remove more than I want. So something else.)
I've googled this, but no luck. So if anyone knows something that can help, it would be appreciated!


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Staff member
You will only ever be able to remove vocals from some songs, and the quality will vary greatly. This article explains why. There are a whole bunch of free software tools or plug-ins for audio software that can aid you, but it is an inexact science. If Audacity doesn't work for you, I doubt you'll get better results with any product (at least, any free product), since they all ought to work the same way. My Google search turned up several options other than Audacity; you'll just have to try them and see what happens.