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Scyther's scribblings.


New member
Behold, a gallery of the crappy MSpaint sketches that I occasionally doodle while I'm taking a break or I'm bored. Anthro 'mons, regular 'mons, fanart, humans, objects, anything really. I'm by no means an artist (and it definitely shows dear god), but since I've been wanting to get back into drawing and hopefully improve I imagine now would be as good of a time as ever to get started. Don't know how often this will be updated, but if I ever make something semi-worthy of being posted this thread is where you'll be able to find it. Advice/critique very much welcome!

For the first batch, here are some characters from a couple of fanfics I've been working on.

Delphox dude:
Justinian bust sketch.png
Gengar lady doing a midair kick:
Buki used High Jump Kick.png
Trainer and Eevee:
Gia and Roland.png
Mismagius showing her Banette buddy her "collection" of drawings she does to make a living (gotta pay for med school somehow):
Darcey shows Fuzen her collection of assorted lewd drawings.png
I really like the Eevee and Banette! They're quite impressive for MSPaint drawings.
Alright folks, time for another batch of sketches. Fanfic characters Round Two. Once again, advice on how to improve is very much appreciated.

Phantump who does NOT like having her picture taken:
Kimberly bust sketch.png
Human guy and Flygon lady (who totally aren't just Kris and Susie from Deltarune drawn as Pokemon characters) enjoying themselves at the Beach:
Zeke and Tabitha at the Beach.png
Tsundere Scyther (Tsund-yther... get it? This was a terrible pun.):
I really like the Eevee and Banette! They're quite impressive for MSPaint drawings.
I'm glad you do!
Alright, here's a new, smaller batch of sketches. More fanfic characters. God, I really should start getting those written out and posted here.

A Lugia. The exposed wing feathers on her forearm are no longer a thing since I drew her while experimenting with various wing designs, please ignore those:
Erzulie full body sketch.png

A group shot of the Bird Trio, who are currently in their underwear because they were already a pain to draw as they were and I haven't finished designing their armor yet. They're really taking "casual friday" to a whole new level here:
Tengliu Nusku and Taranis sketch.png
"I really hope no one's secretly filming us posing in our underwear like this, we look like total jackasses right now." Taranis bashfully crossed his arms, the Zapdos' playful smirk betraying the aura of seriousness he attempted to put up.

"Oh you're the one to talk-" Nusku glared upwards at him, somehow maintaining that ridiculous pose of his that looked like it came straight out of some mind-numbing television series from the Japanese mainland. The Moltres had clearly been watching some of those in his spare time, Taranis thought to himself. He hoped he wouldn't be donning an eye-bleedingly colorful spandex uniform anytime soon. "Do I need to remind you of what happened at that one Christmas Party back in '97? One drop of alcohol hits your tongue and any facade of seriousness you put up goes right out the window... ALONG WITH YOUR CLOTHES!"

"Are you ever going to stop talking about that? It's been nearly three decades at this point!"

Nusku grinned. "I don't think anyone here will ever forget the sights of you drunkenly singing Mariah Carey songs while standing on top of a table, completely naked. Or being dragged off by security after they found you passed out in the lab's power plant the following morning. You're lucky Master Erzulie and Mr. Tollphrine are both incredibly forgiving otherwise that would've gotten you fired. All things considered, you don't look anywhere near as stupid as you did then!"

"Besides, Taranis-" Tengliu interjected. "Flamboyant poses are all the rage among mortals these days! Have you taken a look at what the Trainer Teams are up to in the League? They remind me of the GRANT Force back when they were still around."
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