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Sojaveña Wilds Silver River

Ch01: Broken Traps, Rowdy Wilds

Chibi Pika

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Heartache staff
The Silver River wound its way north from Frontier Town through increasingly rugged hills. In many parts of its course, the river actually lay underground, emerging only after the rare rainstorm. But there were stretches where the bedrock pushed water to the surface, and these parts were lined on both sides with dense shrubbery, cottonwood trees, and desert willow. In the desert, water was everything, and it attracted life from miles around.


"Appreciate you folks helping out on such short notice," Gligar Xoco said, fluttering ahead of the group on the trail leading north along the river. "Doubt we'll need five of us for this, but I suppose it's better safe than sorry. 'Specially on account of your party being low on combat experience."

It was a simple job--some of the fishermon in town had reported damage to their traps upstream, and Xoco had approached the party at the Traveler's Haus to solicit volunteers to go investigate. Most likely, it was some wild 'mon breaking into them. But what kind and how strong remained to be seen.

"It should be just 'round the bend," Xoco said, landing in front of the four mon accompanying her. "I can scout ahead in case we run into trouble. Any questions?"
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Well! This was certainly more exciting than hunting for lost rocks! A proper escort mission, just like Archie was used to from back home. Of course, they were hoping for no trouble, but the threat of danger, however minor, felt reinvigorating after multiple dreary desert days. Plus, if he did well, this would undoubtedly help spread his name further, get him access to more dangerous jobs. They still had to find those invite stealing bandits sooner or later.

Plus, as a nice little bonus, both Clover and Tarahn ended up joining him on this little excursion! It was nice to get to work with some familiar faces. All in all, things were looking up for the Oshawott!

“Well, not every criminal’s going to have a tragic backstory,” Archie hummed, amused by Clover’s proclamation, “So the rest of us will have to keep our eyes and ears open too."
Espurr followed along, carefully hopping around a passing rock that might have been a small tumbleweed; it clearly had places to go so it hadn't stuck around long enough for her to see it properly. (by 'small', it might also have been half her height and nearly mowed her over, but something something semantics)

"Will there be outlaws?" she asked, trying and failing not to sound just a biiit eager about it. It wasn't the smartest idea by a longshot, but she really hoped there were outlaws. Another notch on 'cowboy movie bucketlist' ticked off just like that, right up against 'super cowboy hat' and 'shootout in the town at twelve-o-clock'.
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"Won't know til we see 'em, but I doubt it," Xoco replied. "From what the fishermon said, the damage was too random and uncoordinated for outlaws." She turned back to face the trail ahead and spread her membranous wings, taking flight to circle low above everyone.

"Looks like the path up ahead is clear at least. Follow me, but keep close in case of an ambush." The Gligar tilted her wings and glided over a patch of trees further down the river.

[ ] Objective: Follow Gligar Xoco
You can Walk from one zone to another once per player phase, either before or after you take the rest of your turn. Walk from the zone you're in to the next zone to keep up with Xoco!

This is a tutorial mission. Complete objectives to make progress! When you complete your last objective, you'll complete the mission.
You'll only fail the mission if everyone in the squad is Knocked Out – but don't worry, you are certain to succeed!
The terrain is flat – there is no Cover in the area.
The terrain is flat – a Movement Cost of 1 is all that's needed to proceed.
You have no Items on your person at the moment.
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The idea of there being ‘wild’ Pokemon outside a Mystery Dungeon was still a concept Archie was wrapping his head around. Still, that was what the Gligar was suggesting was the root cause of whatever damage had been done to these traps. Still, the location might differ, but he doubted fighting them would be very different on an open plain compared to the various rooms and corridors of the dungeon.

Before he started walking, Archie glanced at the fourth member of their little escort band. An Espurr, the small gray psychic cat was the only member of their little group he did not recognize. “I’m Archie, it’s nice to meet you. I don’t think I caught your name?”

Still, figuring they ought to walk and talk so the Gligar didn’t get too far ahead of them, the Oshawott waved for the others to follow, and started off in the direction of the thicket.

Archie (43 STM, 5 TMP, 0 SPD, 0 ACC)
- Walk to SE Riverbank
Net change: +0 STM, +0 TMP
Net totals: 43 STM (43 after regen), 5 TMP
Tarahn followed along with the group, his tail up and cheerful. Archie especially was in a good mood, and Tarahn was looking forward to finally getting to have a tussle or two with a wild pokemon. The river valley was nice to walk in, too; it was cooler under the tree cover, and the wetter ground held more interesting smells. Lots of pokemon and animals had come this way for the river water and plants it supported, and fish had been mentioned several times, which Tarahn was almost as excited about as battling. Rivers also usually had interesting things wash up on their banks, and smooth, pretty rocks in nice colors, so he kept his head up for opponents, but also for any interesting treasures.

Tarahn (37 STM, 5 TMP, 0 SPD, 0 ACC)
- Walk to SE Riverbank
Net change: +0 STM, +0 TMP
Net totals: 37 STM (37 after regen), 5 TMP
“I’m Archie, it’s nice to meet you. I don’t think I caught your name?”
“Just Espurr,” said Espurr cheerily. Now that she thought about it, it really was awkward to keep going by her species name when everymon else around her seemed to have a unique one… maybe she should change that, but… ugh, she had one already! It was just a matter of remembering it.

Espurr (42 STM, 5 TMP, 0 SPD, 0 ACC)
- Walk to SE Riverbank
Net change: +0STM, +0TMP
Net totals: 42 STM (42 after regen), 5 TMP
The group pressed onward, shoving the desert shrubbery to the side as they approached a span of river that narrowed considerably. Numerous woven fishing traps were set in the water, many of them with ragged holes chewed in the side. And there, on the riverbank...

Xoco held a pincer over her forehead, squinting through the morning sun. "There we go, I think I've spotted our culprits. Oi! What do you think you're doing there!"

A mob of yungoos turned suddenly at the noise, hissing in an angry, discordant chorus. Fish bones littered the sand where the pack had been gorging themselves on their stolen catch.

Xoco swooped down at them, flashing her wings and tail wide in a threat display. "Go on, git!" she called.

Unfortunately, it didn't seem that they were willing to leave without a fight. The closest yungoos scraped at the wet sand, bared its oversized fangs, and lunged. Xoco swooped out of the way, hovering back towards the party.

Xoco licked her fangs. "Welp, it was worth a shot. Looks like we've gotta show 'em who's boss. You guys know how to use Moves, don'tcha? I'll go on ahead!"

Ranger Xoco (51 STM, 5 TMP, 0 SPD, 0 ACC)
- Sand Attack @ Yungoos 1 (-9 STM, +2 TMP)
- Fury Cutter @ Yungoos 2 (-13 STM, hit, -1 TMP, +2 TMP)
- Call Archie
Net change: -22 STM, +3 TMP
Net totals: 29 STM (41 after regen), 8 TMP

The first yungoos scurried backward, brushing sand from its eyes while Xoco swooped down and nailed the second one with a green-glowing pincer strike.

"Like this! Hit 'em where it hurts, Oshawott!" she called out.

Objective: Defeat the yungoos mob!
Select each move you want to use and who you're targeting with it. Make sure you're in the same zone as your target, and that you can afford the total stamina cost!

You can see information about your own condition and your current enemies in the Combat Sheet.
Your own info is found in the Volatiles tab:

Info about your opponents is in the Enemies tab:

Some kind of connection between you is allowing you to make tactical decisions together in the moment! Use superior tactics to defeat your opponents.
However, all the hostiles present are wild Pokémon, and not especially smart or strong ones at that. Don't overthink things.
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“Mysterious type, huh?” Archie hummed at the Espurr. Ah well, now wasn’t the time to press her on it, so Espurr would have to do. The Gligar brought their attention to a trio of Yungoos helping themselves to the fish entangled in the partially destroyed nets. And just like that, combat was begun!

The Oshawott hustled over to the beginning fight, drawing his scalchop in his right paw. He immediately put the shell to use, following up Xoco’s Fury Cutter with his own Aerial Ace. Then, since the Gligar had temporarily blinded one of the other Yungoos, he fired a Water Gun at the remainder, hoping to force it back so it couldn’t immediately jump in.

“Look alive Tarahn, we’ve got company!” He yelled to the Toxel.

Archie (43 STM, 5 TMP, 0 SPD, 0 ACC)
- Receive Call (+3 TMP)
- Walk to NE Riverbank
- Aerial Ace @ Yungoos 2 (-8 STM, +2 TMP)
- Water Gun @ Yungoos 3 (-4 STM, +2 TMP)
- **Bonus Action:** Call @ Tarahn
Net change: -12 STM, +7 TMP
Net totals: 31 STM (41 after regen), 12 TMP
At last!!! Tarahn felt a bit uncomfortable charging in--that was Rufus's or Vleridin's job--and his Toxel body was slow and short-legged, but their opponents just looked like a few bratty normal-type kids, not exactly the level 70 Murderking encounter even seasoned pokemon rangers had to work as a team to neutralize. Weird body or not, this was his specialty, and he followed up Archie's attacks with a gout of purple-black slime that splattered onto two of the Yungoos.

Tarahn (37 STM, 5 TMP, 0 SPD, 0 ACC)
- Receive Call (+3 TMP)
- Walk to NE Riverbank
- **Bonus Action:** Focus (+5 TMP)
- Toxic @ Yungoos 1, Yungoos 3 (-20 STM, hit, -10 TMP, +2 TMP)
Net change: -20 STM, +0 TMP
Net totals: 17 STM (26 after regen), 5 TMP
Espurr steadied herself, trying not to think about how big those yungoose fangs were. That yungoose was definitely almost as big as her...

She dashed forward, closing her eyes and letting her psychic senses take over for her

Espurr used Mind Reader!

Then struck!

Espurr used Scratch!

Espurr (42 STM, 5 TMP, 0 SPD, 0 ACC)
- Walk to NE Riverbank
- **Bonus Action:** Focus (+5 TMP)
- Scratch @ Very Scary Yungoose (-4 STM, +2 TMP)
Net change: -4 STM, +7 TMP
Net totals: 38 STM (42 after regen), 12 TMP
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Clover jumped when the wild Yungoos popped out of the trap and hissed at them. She giggled to herself. These Pokémon couldn't hurt her, and she had so many friends to cover for her too! She focused on the last Yungoos that hadn't been attacked yet. If she could pop out beside it, she could disable it before it attacked anyone. Clover had figured out a few new moves after sparring with Felin this week.

Clover (42 STM, 9 TMP, 0 SPD, 0 ACC)
- Dash to Imminent victim (-2 TMP)
- Shadow Sneak @ Yungoos 3 (-6 STM, +2 TMP)
- Knock Off @ Yungoos 3 (-13 STM, +2 TMP)
- Toxic @ Yungoos 3 (-20 STM, hit, -2 TMP, +2 TMP)
Net change: -39 STM, +2 TMP
Net totals: 3 STM (13 after regen), 11 TMP
Player Turn 2

Archie's Aerial Ace dealt 8 dmg to Yungoos 2!
Archie's Water Gun dealt 6 dmg yo Yungoos 3!
Espurr's Scratch dealt 7 dmg to Yungoos 2!
Clover's Shadow Sneak dealt 2 dmg to Yungoos 3! It's not at all effective...
Clover's Knock Off dealt 7 dmg to Yungoos 3!
Clover and Tarahn's Toxic! All three Yungoos were badly poisoned!

The yungoos pack took 5 dmg from their poison...

"Not bad, not bad!" Xoco called out, observing the party's efforts while fluttering overhead. "I bet that middle one will pass out before too long--let's focus down the other two!"

Checkup happens after each player phase as well as each enemy phase. Status conditions, weather damage, and other "between turns" effects will take effect then.
Yungoos 2 will faint from poison before its next turn comes around. Focus on the other two!

The pack was pulling together for a coordinated attack after being thrown every which way by the party's opening strikes. They hissed again and began shoveling dirt everywhere in a huge flurry, all over the party.

Enemy Turn 2

Yungoos's Sand Attack! Archie's Acc was lowered by 1!
Sand Attack! Tarahn's Acc was lowered by 1!
Sand Attack! Espurr's Acc was lowered by 1!
When attacking with lowered accuracy, you'll gain less tempo per move than normal, unless using a move that has Sure Hit. Make sure the Turn Planner shows -1 Acc for your character!

Gligar licked her fangs. "Gonna make it hard to hit 'em, are they? But with a bit of focus, I bet you guys can land a hit!"

Yungoos 3's Tackle dealt 3 dmg to Clover! It's not at all effective...
Yungoos 2's Super Fang dealt 16 dmg to Archie!
Yungoos 1 focused and held its action...

The yungoos pack took 5 dmg from their poison...
Held actions are moves that strike automatically during the opposing side's turn, and often involve a counterattack of some kind. But they won't go through if the user is knocked out first!

Gligar Xoco circled the yungoos pack, her eyes locking onto one that was lingering in the back, bracing itself for an attack. "Watch it--that leftmost one is planning something! I'll soften him up and you deliver the final blow!"
Ranger Xoco | Turn 3
Xoco's Fury Cutter dealt 17 dmg to Yungoos 1!
"I've got it!" empowered by the hit the last one had taken from their collective blows, Espurr scurried over, doled out a decisive catscratch, and then hopped back to her previous position.

Espurr (42 STM, 12 TMP, 0 SPD, 0 ACC)
- **Bonus Action:** Focus (+5 TMP)
- Scratch @ Leftmost Yungoose (-4 STM, +2 TMP)
Net change: -4 STM, +7 TMP
Net totals: 38 STM (42 after regen), 19 TMP
The Yungoos grazed Clover as she tried to doge it in the air. Its fanged tore the hem of her skirt, but barely hurt her.
"You all should knock it off! You didn't have to break the nets if you just wanted food!"
Clover (13 STM, 7 TMP, 0 SPD, 0 ACC)
- Knock Off @ [TARGET] (-13 STM, +2 TMP)
Net change: -13 STM, +2 TMP
Net totals: 0 STM (10 after regen), 9 TMP
Tarahn shook his head and squinted through the faceful of sand, but the wild pokemon were definitely looking the worse for wear after the poisoning. One of them tried to tackle Clover, a ghost, oops. That was the nice thing about fighting wild pokemon sometimes, they didn't really know types, just used the biggest, flashiest moves--

Oh! One of them gave Archie a nasty chomp! Espurr and Clover followed up with their attacks, and Tarahn Copycatted Espurr's scratch attack. "You'll be okay, Archie!" Tarahn Called to the Oshawott.

Tarahn (26 STM, 5 TMP, 0 SPD, -1 ACC)
- Copycat (Scratch) (-14 STM, hit, -2 TMP, +2 TMP)
- **Bonus Action:** Call @ Archie
Net change: -14 STM, +0 TMP
Net totals: 12 STM (21 after regen), 5 TMP
The Oshawott grit his teeth, and tried to tug his hat down to cover his eyes, but it was too little too late, and the stinging sand drew tears to his eyes. His attempt to wipe it away was less than effective, and left him wide open to a follow up attack, as one of the Yungoos bit down on his arm as he lowered it. Thankfully, it decided against holding on, and Archie’s arm was soon free again. Actually, looking at it, his attacker didn’t seem that much into the fight anymore. Xoco was right, it wasn’t going to last much longer poisoned like it was.

“I’m on it,” he replied to the Gligar, turning to face the new target. Archie planted his feet, bracing himself, and swung his Scalchop hard and wide across it, following up Xoco’s and the Espurr’s own attacks with a hard hitting Slash of his own. This he then followed up by spinning to face the target he’d fired his Water Gun at, and unleashed another Aerial Ace.

Archie (41 STM, 12 TMP, 0 SPD, -1 ACC)
- Receive Call (+3 TMP)
- **Bonus Action:** Focus (+5 TMP)
- CRITICAL Slash @ Yungoos 1 (-13 STM, hit, -17 TMP, +2 TMP)
- Aerial Ace @ Yungoos 3 (-8 STM, +2 TMP)
Net change: -21 STM, -5 TMP
Net totals: 20 STM (30 after regen), 7 TMP
Espurr's Scratch dealt 7 dmg to Yungoos 1!
Clover's Knock Off dealt 7 dmg to Yungoos 3!
Tarahn's Scratch dealt 4 dmg to Yungoos 3!
Archie's CRITICAL Slash dealt 15 dmg to Yungoos 1! KO!!
Archie's Aerial Ace dealt 11 dmg to Yungoos 3! KO!!
Yungoos 2 succumbed to its poison...

Xoco blinked down at the scuffle, making sure that she'd seen that right. "Well, here I was thinking your group might need a bit of clawholding, but you took care of them like it was nothing!" She flashed an open claw in an affirmative gesture before swooping down to land in front of the party.

"We should be clear to go ahead and relocate 'em now, and hopefully they'll get the message that these are off-lim--"

The Gligar was cut off by a loud noise something between a hiss and a shriek, resounding from the thickets to the north. Seconds later, a huge brown blur rushed out, letting out a frenzied snarl as it faced down the party.

Gumshoos has entered NE Riverbank!
Gumshoos used Work Up! +1 Atk, +1 Mag!
Gumshoos used Scary Face on Archie! -2 Spd!
Gumshoos's Bite dealt 23 dmg to Espurr!

"Yikes!" Xoco cried. "Better take care of this guy quick!" She drew back her claw--still glowing with green energy from the last strike--and slashed!

Xoco's Fury Cutter dealt 20 dmg to Gumshoos!
Xoco used...

The Gligar paused, licking her fangs. "I got a bad feeling about using my Poison Sting on this guy. Better hold off on status effects! Also, I've got some berries in my bag, go ahead and grab 'em if you get the chance!"

Xoco used Tailwind! The party will be at +1 speed so long as they begin their turn in the same zone as Xoco!
Try using the Interact command to grab an Oran Berry from Xoco's bag! Remember that you'll still need to use a Bonus Action to eat it.
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Clover frowned. She'd used up most of her energy on her last attack, and this new Pokémon looked much stronger than the others. But half of her allies had been hurt, while she had only gotten grazed. She decided to rest for a moment and try to figure out the enemy, and encouraged Espurr after she took damage.
Clover (10 STM, 9 TMP, 1 SPD, 0 ACC)
- Activate ability (Frisk)
- **Bonus Action:** Focus (+5 TMP)
- **Bonus Action:** Call @ Espurr
Net change: +0 STM, +5 TMP
Net totals: 10 STM (31 after regen), 14 TMP
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