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Solace's Zelda Thread

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This is something I jotted down in my spare Rome, hope you enjoy!!

A cold and lonely night, in the sky, a ray of blue
A spirit sent from way beyond, indeed her name's Nayru
Piercing through the empty sky
Enrich the land of poor
As fast as light she passes by
Giving spirit of the law

Followed by, not close behind
A goddess to cure sin
A shining red you're soon to find
The power belongs to Din
She creates the mountains
oceans, valleys and features of the land
While Farore strikes in green array
Producing creatures in the sand

Hyrule is born, from the gods
coming from thy source
When the three are formed
beat the odds
they call it the Triforce

Power, wisdom, courage
are the keys to be immortal
A demon King is bound to flourish
As he enters through the portal

Summoned by the Deku Tree
A boy must kill the lord
Obtain three special, sacred keys
to wield thy Master Sword
Not open for further replies.