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Stryke Vs. Keldeo: Type Terrain Tumble!


make no mistakes 'cause i'm on fire
Arena said:
Format: 2 vs 2, single
Style: Switch
DQ: 3 weeks
Damage Cap: 35%
Banned/Restricted Moves: OHKOs, Direct Recovery Moves
Arena Description: Somewhere off in a secluded forest is a giant metal dome-like structure that if we're being honest really has no business being in a forest anyway, which it doesn't. It's an abandoned research facility where some scientists attempted to toy with nature... and failed. Don''t worry, nothing evil lurks there; they just didn't get the results that the higher ups wanted, so their funding was cut, and as a result the facility had to be abandoned. However, what was it they were trying to do? Well, they were looking into how terrain moves such as Electric Terrain and Misty Terrain work, and in the process, managed to create 18 sort of inferior, man-made terrains: one for each type!*

These terrains have the same effect of amplifying moves of the same type as the active terrain by 1.2x, with the added bonus effect of weakening any moves that would normally be weak to the type of the terrain by 0.8x. So, for example, if a water terrain was in effect, any water moves used then would be amplified by 1.2x, while any fire, ground, or rock moves used would have be weakened by 0.8x. However, if a type is weak to itself (Dragon or Ghost) or has no types weak to it (Normal), the 0.8x modifier does not come into effect (Or in Ghost terrains case, only affects Psychic type moves). However, these terrains aren't without their drawbacks; like I mentioned, they're inferior versions, so they can only last one round at a time before fading away to a new terrain. In addition, if it happens to become a Grass, Electric, Psychic, or Fairy terrain, it will not keep any bonus effects that it would normally have, such as negating priority moves or healing at the end of every round, and will only have the aforementioned effects of boosting or lowering certain types attacks.

To summarize:
There are 18 "terrains", one for each type
A new random "terrain" is put into effect at the start of each round
Boosts moves of the same type as the terrain by 1.2x
Weakens moves that have types that are weak to the type of the terrain by 0.8x
If a terrain has a type that is weak against itself (Dragon or Ghost) then the 1.2x modifier trumps the 0.8x modifier
If the terrain is Electric, Psychic, Fairy, or Grass, it does not have any of the bonus effects such as negating status or anything, and only boosts or weakens its according types.

A duo of trainers enters the domed facility. They were drawn to this place, as, aside from their natural adventurers’ instinct, they were told by a wild-eyed trainer back at the Asber League HQ that this was “a totally kick-ass place to battle,” so of course they had to throw down there.

[size=+2]Stryke vs Keldeo[/size]

Stryke's active squad

yanma Flicker the female Yanma <Speed Boost> @ Weakness Policy
porygon2 Dragonflycave.com the genderless Porygon2 <Download> @ Dubious Disc
elekid USB Charger the male Elekid <Static>
magby Saganaki (OPA!!) the male Magby <Flame Body>
magnemite Colbur the genderless Magnemite <Sturdy>
probopass Tenorock the male Probopass <Magnet Pull>
drampa Dramabase the male Drampa <Cloud Nine>
crabrawler Rocky Balboa But As A Crab the male Crabrawler <Hyper Cutter>
cryogonal >:( the genderless Cryogonal <Levitate>
natu Seer of Time the male Natu <Synchronize>

Keldeo's active squad

unown-exclamation Float the genderless Unown (!) <Levitate> @ Choice Specs
kirlia Theo the male Kirlia <Synchronize> @ Dawn Stone
vulpix cute warm floof the female Vulpix <Flash Fire> @ Fire Stone
eelektrik Emily the female Eelektrik <Levitate> @ Thunder Stone
mankey Alex the female Mankey <Defiant> @ Eviolite
nidorino Sebastian the male Nidorino <Hustle> @ Moon Stone
mareanie Brigid the female Mareanie <Merciless> @ Lucky Egg
litten Tybalt the male Litten <Blaze> @ Lucky Egg
wimpod Bayes the male Wimpod <Wimp Out> @ Lucky Egg
rockruff Jackie the female Rockruff <Keen Eye> @ Lucky Egg

The main area of the facility has a set of 18 buttons (shown here:https://vignette.wikia.nocookie.net...5f/Type.png/revision/latest?cb=20170426085006 ), as well as a “Randomize” button that had been smashed in. Looks like these types will shuffle throughout the battle. (Based on a random number generator in which 1 is bug, 2 is electric, and so on down the columns and proceeding to the right.)

As the duo enters each side of the terrain, it crackles to life. Electric lamps emerge from the floor, small amounts of power surge through the floor, and the air makes your hair stand on end. (Electric terrain.) A trainer at each end of the arena, a robotic voice emerges from somewhere. "TRAINERS READY." The duo looks to the side of the arena to see a little helicoper-bladed hovering RoboReferee™. "BATTLE BEGIN."

(Stryke sends out first, then Keldeo sends out and commands, and then Stryke commands.)
Heh, looks like things are starting to get... uh... electric. Is that a pun? I think its a pun. Anyway, let's show these guys you aren't afraid of no bug zapper, Flicker.
In a shocking twist, I’ll send out Sebastian!


Let’s lead with a Captivate, then show off your zapping skills with two Thunderbolts. If you don’t think you can hit her with that, go with Focus Energy on the first action and Hone Claws on the second and third, and if you’re asleep, Snore.

Captivate / Focus Energy / Snore ~ Thunderbolt / Hone Claws / Snore x2
Getting amped up, huh? Well, we'll just have to show you watts up by makin you hert(z)!

Let's start off with a Protect; 'fraid this love is gonna have to remain unrequited. Follow up with a fine Flash, then finish this off with a psolid Psychic.

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