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'sup from a writer


Hello there!

General Kenobi!

So, to start with the usuals. I'm Venia Silente this side of the fandom. You might know me from.... other forums, or from r/pokemonfanfiction discussions, probably. I've been a writer and worldbuilder for a while, an RPer some other times, and software developer a few others. I like cats, too, so I'm Okay with the Internet. We love cats! Oh, I'm a native Spanish speaker.

Got invited (hi @Spiteful Murkrow and @Virgil134 !) with the idea of joining Heartache but also obvs didn't want to miss out on the opportunity to say hi to more people. If anyone needs help, I can do worldbuilding and character development... I guess sometimes at the cost of actual in-story work but hey, there's more than twelve ways to develop a fandom. Also I mostly work on a "plot bunny" basis.

Also, honestly, dark theme here works better than in other forums, prettyy good choices of contrasts.
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