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Super Duper Mario Mafia


Night Zero
As demonstration that we are running out of unused mafia ideas here at TCoD, I present to you, Super Duper Mario Mafia. In case you hadn't figured it out, his game will feature characters from that overly popular mario franchise Nintendo puts out.

The rules:
1. Out of thread communication is not allowed except between mafia members (or lovers if we happen to have them).
2. Quoting directly from role PM's will also not be allowed, lest you be modkilled.
3. Failing to post in the discussion thread for two game days in a row will result in you being modkilled.

I'll just see how many people decide to sign up, and we'll go with however many we have when people stop joining. I'll try to make very few vanilla roles.

It might seem a bit stupid for a game, but I'm going for a bit of satire here.


Night Zero
I'll start this up on Friday or Saturday. If anyone else wants to join they should do so by then.