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Super High-School Level Dangan Ronpa Fanclub!

pekoyama y/y

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Hello my super high-school level friends... today I finished SDR2 and I am UPSET. Chapter three is SO UPSETTING. Chapter five is SO UPSETTING.

For others who are impatient like me:

This tumblr goes up to somewhere in the trial in chapter four. It doesn't really aim to be an LP of the scope of oren's, so it skips over things and a lot of the pre-trial parts are just sort of summary. I don't really remember because it was like, three whole days ago. I think it does have subbed trial videos, which the next one might have been missing for chapter four only? If you're coming from the most recent update on SA, I believe you could start at chapter 2 update 26. I finished chapter two and read all of chapter three here and then moved on to the next link I'm going to post, except I think I came back to this one for some parts of chapter four (probably the trial videos).

There is a sort of spoiler for chapter four in the master list of this tumblr if you're paying attention (I was paying attention, unfortunately), so I'm going to link you straight to the chapter: here. After that it's safe to look at the master list. This one has the later half of the game and the epilogue, with subbed trial videos for, I think, chapters five and six.

Happy reading! :DD Please come yell about this game with me!
So, one question, about the first game...

What would have happened if someone was murdered in the public bath? There were no cameras there, so "Monobear" wouldn't know who the culprit was.
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