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TCoD Linux OS


sorry guys, don’t lose

So I was talking with Hiikaru the other day and we were saying that it'd be really cool if TCoDf banded together and made our own Linux operating system! A lot of us can't program it alone but some of us know bits of code and I think it'd be super-fun!

And obviously, we'd want it to be a functioning OS, just 'cause.

So... who's in? It sounds like Ubuntu is in Perl, Python, C (and its family), some Assembly in the kernel...! Just for reference.

I'mma go learn Python now.

We might as well keep a list to who's helping out and who knows what language (or parts of it.)

List!! said:
Mewtini - NOTHING right now but swears she'll learn Python
Hiikaru - Python!
Obviously it's kinda haphazard but I thought it'd be fun to get together and do this thing. :D And like I said, it's okay if you don't know much! My strategy behind it is that we all know snippets of this language and that and a big whole conglomerate might be cool.

(Linux operating systems are open-source, so logically we could go and view the source code! For reference.)

EDIT: There's a site full of documentation for building Linux operating systems! Here it is.

EDIT #2: And here's another article! Article says hi.
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