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TCoD Wi-Fi League Rules and Guidelines

Kratos Aurion

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Official League Rules and Information v 3.0 (6/26/10)


Welcome to The Cave of Dragonflies Wi-Fi League. Here you can trade and battle with other members, participate in events and tournaments and more! Just read the following rules and you'll be ready to get started. Links to important/helpful threads are also provided.

[the rules]

1. All general TCoD rules still apply in this forum.

2. You are expected to follow the specific rules outlined in the other Wi-Fi League threads. Do not attempt to start tournaments without permission, do not make conversational posts in a gym leader's thread, do not turn your Wi-Fi ID into an irrelevant spam post, so on and so forth. Inappropriate posts will be modified or deleted by the staff and you may be warned or banned from the league as appropriate.

3. Dishonesty is not tolerated. It is difficult for the High Council to monitor or prove accusations of cheating, hacking or other forms of dishonest behavior; that said, if a member suspects that another member has done something wrong, they are encouraged to mention this to the HC. Since most cases of alleged dishonesty are cases of "he said, she said" that can't generally be proved either way, the usual way to handle such a situation will be to replay the match (in the case of a battle) or try to re-arrange a proper trade (in the case of a trade), as much as we'd like to be able to do more; we will, however, observe you more closely and you will have a mark against you in the HC's books. If the same person is repeatedly involved in similar incidents then action may be taken under suspicion of dishonesty; punishment will be a temporary or permanent ban from the league.

If you think your opponent cheated and your battle was conducted using Platinum, HeartGold or SoulSilver, you can try saving a video of the suspect battle and sending the video ID to an HC member. If your battle was conducted using an online battle simulator like Shoddy Battle, you can also save the battle log and send that to the HC as well. There is no guarantee that serious action will be taken against the offending member even with this evidence, but the HC will do its best to review it and any proof you can provide is helpful.

3a. Pokémon that have been created or altered by a cheating device/program such as Action Replay or Pokésav are permitted in official (i.e. tournament) battles (although we'd really rather you didn't use them) so long as their stats and moves are still within the legal range. Reports of super-strong pokémon, pokémon that know attacks they should not or anything else suspicious will cause us to watch you a bit more carefully and possibly take action if the allegations continue. If someone requests in their battle tower post, gym topic or GTS thread that they specifically do NOT want to deal with hacked pokémon, however, you ARE expected to honor that request.

[your id]

The first thing you'll probably want to do is create an ID for yourself in the Records Office thread. This is the ideal place to keep track of all of your Friend Codes and other information. Make a post there, following the guidelines listed in the thread, and then hang onto the link to that post so you can find it easily later.

links: [records office]


It's quite difficult to complete a pokédex or find the perfect pokémon all by yourself, and using the in-game Global Trade Station can be frustrating sometimes. If you're searching for or offering pokémon and would like an easier, more personable way to make a deal then look no further than the Dachét GTS sub-forum. There you can create a thread asking for or offering a certain pokémon; you can also open a "shop" that holds all of your offers and your wishlist in one place in addition to other "services" you might want to provide (such as breeding specific pokémon for people or infecting pokémon with pokérus).

links: [dachét gts sub-forum] [gts guidelines]

[the battle tower]

Itching for a battle? The Dachét Battle Tower topic is where you'll want to go. You can make a challenge using whatever rules you like there and wait for someone to snap it up.

links: [battle tower]


In addition to the casual battles that anyone can wage at any time, every once in a while the Wi-Fi League will hold official tournaments for nice prizes, usually in the form of a rare or powerful pokémon. Read the rules carefully; different tournaments can have different rules or formats and if you're not familiar with them you could be left in the dust (or disqualified). Competitive and non-competitive tournaments will be held in their respective forums (see below).


From time to time the Wi-Fi League in general and the individual Chrome and Crystal leagues will hold "events" that members can participate in. These will most likely be special tournaments or other sorts of battle challenges that offer nice prizes and a little fun while you're at it. These events may run indefinitely, or they may only be available for a short period of time; the rules and specifics of each event will be explained in the event thread. When an event is getting ready to start, we'll be sure to let you know!

[chrome league]

If you're a competitive battler (meaning you pay attention to your pokémon's IVs, EVs, natures, etc.) then the fierce battles staged in the Chrome League are for you. The tournaments, gym challenges and events that occur here (more on gym challenges and events in other sections) will have you facing the toughest opponents and rather daunting circumstances. While any member is welcome to compete in Chrome League activities, it's probably for the best if you are well-prepared before mounting any sort of challenge.

links: [chrome league sub-forum] [chrome league gym rules]

[crystal league]

Not that interested in competitive battling? Do you just feel like having a good time with your favorite pokémon, regardless of their natures or EVs? No matter what your skill level, everyone is welcome to enjoy a battle in the Crystal League. The tournaments, gym challenges and events here are more laid back than those found in the Chrome League; it's a good place to come and play if you're newer to battling or if you simply can't be bothered counting the number of zubat you've knocked out.

links: [crystal league sub-forum] [crystal league gym rules]

Note that any member can participate in either league and is more than welcome to participate in both.

[news and updates]

If any changes to the rules are made, new features are added or anything else needs mentioning, check the News and Updates topic. (Updates to the official rules or any other individual set of rules will also be noted in their corresponding threads.)

links: [news and updates topic]

[member ideas]

The High Council organizes and oversees all of the official league activities, but we understand that our members might have other ideas for tournaments, events and more. If you have a neat idea for a tournament, event or other activity, you are more than welcome to PM an HC member about it or make a thread in the main Wi-Fi forum to garner ideas and support. If the HC can't find any problems with your idea, you can go ahead and get it started. Chances are that most ideas will be given the all-clear, but you must remember to bring your idea to the HC's attention first anyway!

[need help or information?]

First off, if you are curious about a certain rule, you can post a question in the appropriate thread or PM an HC member (a list of HC members can be found at the bottom of this post). There are also threads that contain other important help and information, such as the official ban list (a must-read for those who will be participating in the Chrome/Crystal Leagues or any official tournaments and events), which details pokémon that are not allowed in official league activities, and the Wi-Fi help thread, where members can help one another resolve their connection issues. These threads are also great places to ask question or find information if you're unsure about something and want to clear it up before you register.

links: [ban list] [help thread] [wi-fi connection help]

[the high council]

Following is a list of the current High Council members (moderators) who make the rules and keep the peace around here. If you have a comment, question or complaint, PM one of these members; note that their decisions are final, however.

+Kratos Aurion

We are not currently accepting any more HC members and asking to be one will not get you anywhere. If we feel that an HC member needs to be added or replaced, we will handle it.


That's about all that needs to be said about rules and finding your way around here. If you have anything to say or ask about these rules, you can post it here (or contact an HC member about it).
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