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Team Plasma Headquarters


he, they
It's the Team Plasma Headquarters. You know it's the Team Plasma Headquarters because there's a large sign that says "Team Plasma Headquarters" pasted to the thirty-third floor. Apparently some guy from Team Plasma accidentally left a couple hundred "liberated" Pokemon inside. There's just the slight problem of an armed Plasma Grunt guarding the entrance, and you can go in and get all the Pokemon you want.

"Four bucks, and I go in and get you one of the Pokemon we stole from some kid. Oh, and if it's a shiny, you gotta pay me two more 'cause shinies are rare," the grunt says. "Deal?"

If you're wondering, only Pokemon from the OLD Unovan Pokedex will appear here. Shiny rate is 1/200. The more you visit, the better the odds are for getting fully evolved Pokemon.

Previous Visits
Mozankairu - 16th March 2013 - Sewaddle (f)
Mozankairu - 16th March 2013 - Trubbish (f)
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The grunt walks inside the building. A couple minutes later, he returns holding a small green Pokemon. "Feisty little one," he says. "It's one o' those... whaddya call 'em... Soodles or whatever. Female, in case you wanna know. Tell your friends, come again soon. Heh heh heh."

It's a female Sewaddle!
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"Back so soon? Four more dollars for me, four less for you. Ha." The grunt goes back inside and comes out again, this time holding a larger but still green Pokemon. "Garbage bag. Cute, ain't it?"

It's a female Trubbish!
"Four bucks, please and thank you." The grunt walks away from you inside the building and returns holding a struggling dog Pokemon.
It's a female Herdier!
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