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The log book


Don't Mistake Coincidence for Fate
It looks at first glance as if this site doesn't generate as much traffic as it once did, so I propose a new movement that could generate a few more hits on here a day. So, every time you open your bowels, I would appreciate it if you logged it here, with the following descriptions.

Taste (if you're into that)
Sting factor;

Ranking [between 1 and 5000]

Then, since you're on the site anyway, engage in some quality discussion. There, I am basically a moderator now.

I'll start

Location; work site toilets, a container with both urinals and cubicles, kept fairly clean, adequate supply of toilet paper and hand towels, as well as soap.

Duration; Roughly 10 minutes

Quality; Poor, possibly because of runny, spicy food last night

Size; Unflattering

Just fine

Texture; Too inconsistent, not enough smooth flow, more like bullets in the rain

Sting factor; Low but noticeable, hence the reduced quality

Satisfaction; Low, barely felt as though anything shifted

Ranking; 40 out of 5000

Thank you for participating, I shall keep the data for, err, research purposes.
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pyew pyew pyew
Location; A patch of nettles in a dingle (DO NOT RECOMMEND)
Duration; Longer than necessary (I had to take a break halfway through)
Quality; Poor, smelt strongly of curry
Size; I didn't think this much shit could fit inside my body
Taste (if you're into that) Delectable; the flavour of last night's curry was still strong and just as tasty. I ate it spread it over a nettle leaf for that extra tang.
Texture; Runny, almost liquid, though there were numerous solid chunks in there
Sting factor; Excruciating (the nettles didn't help)
Satisfaction; 11/10
Ranking; 4050/5000

Thank you for participating, I shall keep the data for, err, research purposes.
You freaky bastard, you