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The Vortex


they or she
The Vortex
I've had this sort of idea for a while now, but I haven't really roleplayed in a while. This is meant to be a more laid-back RP though, so we'll see how it goes ^^

It's a normal day in your home world, or, that's to say, as normal as can be expected, but things have started to go awry. Small things at first, like short periods of time you can no longer recall, small quakes of the earth, a stray creature gone missing. Things you could explain away as absentmindedness or bad luck. But lately it's gotten worse. The short amount of forgotten time escalates to longer periods of blank. Rifts on the ground, typhoons at sea, more disappearances. You're getting anxious.

You begin to ask around, investigating the source of these abnormal events, but to your bewilderment, it seems as though no one else has noticed. This has been going for a week now and you no longer know what to do. When you return home that day, you find a letter on your doorstep with your name on it. As you open it, you see the following message.

If you want to save your world, you must let yourself fall into the Vortex.

There's no signature and nothing else that could indicate anything more than what the message says, but as you look to one side and another, hoping to see the sender of the letter, you notice something like a swirling tornado opening nearby, and you feel a pull towards it. You wonder if this is the Vortex the letter was talking about and if it matters.

You have a choice. Let yourself be pulled into the unknown, or try to fix your world on your own... And risk perishing along with it.

Welcome to The Vortex! Ever had a character in mind for a roleplay but didn't get the chance to use it or the role play died before you got a chance to really develop your character? Well, this is a second chance for those forgotten characters. With a subplot for those who prefer one. I have ideas for that subplot but we, as the roleplayers, can build upon it.

This roleplay may be more character-driven than plot-driven, though, so keep that in mind. If you want to change some things about your character that's fine, but the idea is that they come from the world of the roleplay you were intending to use your character for. Also, if you want your character to try fixing things in their own world that's fine, but for this roleplay they somehow have to end up falling into it and getting sucked into a new world. And the idea is that this new world can have elements of the worlds being destroyed, but that's flexible.
Character Form
Gender (preferred pronouns if it applies):
Appearance (at least three sentences. You may use a picture but tell us if your character is like the pictures or has some modifications.):
Personality (at least three sentences):
Backstory (describe a bit about what they went through before the rp they were intended for, and a bit about what they went through in the rp if it applies):
Other: Anything else you might want to let us know about your character?
I'll make my own character form soon :)​
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Comes here more often then she says she does.
She/Her or They/Them
Pretty interested, i'll see if i have time! If i do, i think i have a character.

Name: Emerald
Age: Has the appearance of a 21 year old
Gender: Female | She/Her
Species: Hmm...
Appearance: 21 year old girl with loose purple shirt and a tight black leggings. She usually wears a mask that completely covers her eyes over her face. She has devil horns & cat ears (Gimme a break i was 11 when i made this character).
Personality: Very peppy and overexcited and tends to act all "evil" and stuff but in reality is not "evil" and it's just a role.
Backstory: one day, in the glorious and delightfully meta land of roleplay world, A young lady named Emerald simply existed and had silly shenanigans. Now one day, she discovered the "reverse world" and met evil demon emerald! Who was actually quite nice, and the exact opposite of Emerald in every way. Evil Demon Emerald soon become the glorious mayor of Roleplay town, but then people stopped coming to roleplay town so she spent sometime reflecting on her life in an airship.

The actual Emerald is now a copyrighted character (by me) so i will only be referencing her.

She also has a sidekick in the same "franchise" (not a franchise yet tho) as said copyrighted character but he'll show up from time to time.

Name: Judgey Spider
Age: Nobody knoew
Gender: Male | He/Him
Species: Spider
Screen Shot 2020-09-11 at 10.25.25 AM.png
Personality: A trickster who just pops up out of knowhere
Backstory: Judgey spider is the last resident of roleplay town, and now spends his days on an airship.

And am i allowed to use characters that already exist, considering my 11 year old roleplay had a few of these?
Regardless, i think it should be fun to deconstruct and elaborate on this and make it actually interesting.
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they or she
Yeah, sure, go ahead if you wanna ^^
Also, nice characters! You're in :3

It doesn't have to be a recycled character btw, that was just my idea since I wanted to develop some old OCs
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