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Thinking about getting a PMD game


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So I want to get some opinions and facts first!

From what I can gather from bulbapedia (I haven't been able to check properly since it's been really slow and not loading much today. People must be editing it like mad because of X and Y :P) there're five games that I can play on my DS.

Apparently there's Red and Blue, with Red being a GBA game. Is there much of a difference between the two beyond the console they're on?
And there's Time, Darkness and Sky.
If there are differences between them, are they any more significant than the differences between the main series games? Is "Sky" like the Yellow/Crystal/etc of those three?

Which, if any, would anyone here recommend?


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The plot and character are the main reason to get the games imo. If dungeon crawlers aren't your thing, there isn't much here that will change your thoughts. I *really* enjoyed the games, but the dungeons themselves sometimes got tedious.

If you're going to get any game from the series, I'd probably recommend Sky. It's the third extended edition of Time and Darkness and has fun separate side stories for some non-player characters in the main game, which the previous titles didn't have.

There really isn't much different between Red and Blue other than a separate screen for maps. You'll have the same experience with either. They're also pretty fun. If you get a second game in the series, go with one of the two. (I'd go with Blue because second screen is great for maps, but you'll probably find Red for cheaper.)

There's also Gates to Infinity for the 3DS. It uses 3D models and looks absolutely gorgeous. The plot wasn't nearly as exciting as the other entries, but still entertaining. They add a new mechanic of gathering things from dungeons to create helpful stations in the overworld that keeps things a bit fresh, but it gets stale after a while. I liked it overall though. It's probably the weakest entry in the series besides that one Wiiware title that never got released outside of Japan, but worth a shot if you really liked the other titles.


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Protip if you're going to get Sky: don't name a character with exactly ten symbols, or the game will crash if you try to evolve them.