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This world


In this world... people live together. In this world, we are all as one big and caring family. This world is one humongous codfish, were some wonderful souls have found a true home.

This world is home.

The interior of a cod is dark and damp. People are not meant live inside other animals. However, somehow, we've managed. Thanks to the wonders that we call "styles", everyone can view the Cod however they like. Exactly what "styles" are can be discussed, but we believe it's related to contacts.

Speaking about discussion, that's something we are very good at here in the Cod. We have even made buildings specially for that purpose. We call it "forum". Over there is the Pokémon Castle there is the Non-Pokémon Hall, for ones who grow fatigued of the Pokémon. The Non-Pokémon Hall is divided into two parts - the good one, and the corny one. The left wing of the Hall is the Miscellaneous Discussion - where we talk about everything between that corner of the Universe to that corner. Beyond the Miscellaneous Room, lies the Laughing Cupboard. A cupboard filled with happiness, for everybody to share. The right wing of the Hall is the corny wing. Here, people let go of all restrictions and reach Insanity. From Insanity, one only has to walk for a few minutes to reach the hill where the Café of Doom, named after the Cod, lies. The are around the cafeteria is possibly the most barren area in the Cod, but the Café of Doom itself is clean and livable.
If one where to take the other door, the one which does not lead to the wasteland, one would find oneself in the Entertainment Area, where what is boring can be skipped. In Entertainment, you can find your favorite games, books and melodies.

People with special passes can reach an additional part of the Non-Pokémon Hall. Between the good and the corny wings. If you watch the Hall, you can see an overshadowed dome at the back of the hall. This is known as the Debating Hall, where people gather to engage in serious debates. Just around the Debating Hall, there is also the Coughing Cupboard. Rather than the Laughing one, this one is filled with sorrows, problems and vents.

But, before gaining access to any of these places - you must first visit the Reception Floor. The Floor is where people get information straight from the top. Here, announcements concerning the entire Cod are announced, as well as discussion of the rules and the environment in the Cod. Finally, new members introduce themselves in here, and get warm welcomes from the veterans.

By the Non-Pokémon Hall is the Game House. Here, the people of the Cod can relax and forget all discussion and insanity, and just play various games to their hearts' content. Among those games are the Pokémon video games, and here in the game house, there is advanced leagues for battling and trading Pokémon - a place for everybody to get along!

Last, but not least, is the Museum of Creativity. Here, the codians can display their own works of art, and watch and criticize others.

In our giant Cod, we live together happily. But, as cod is common as meal, what would happen if this cod were to be captured and cooked?

Why, let me tell you, that would be the Armageddon. But worry not, for we have safety boats. Oh, and were out of style contacts, so please have patience until we restock.

And, as we are in the Introductions Room, I must say:



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