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Uhhh... h-hi?

Hi. I'm real shy, but not as much on the computer as in person. I probably come across as boring at first, and I tend to use a lot of lines so I'm not misunderstood. (Oh, and I sometimes overuse parentheses.:sweatdrop:) Boy that was hard to type up.


Wobbefet always wins!
So a shy themed person, great.

welcome to TCod, I may seem scary but get on my good side and...I won't leave a ferret in your bed at night. Sorry, i'll stop scaring the new guy. Welcome do you like to RP?
Hello and welcome to TCOD.

A teenager girl walks up to you and gives you a cat plushie. You flip it over, on the back it says 'Welcome to TCOD, newbie!'



New member
Hiya! ..I can't offer you a plushie of any kind, I'm afraid.. I CAN, however, give you a great big WELCOME hug! (in the Plushie's stead)

Xx Raika

Ryan the Terrible

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A spriter?

*wakes up*

Yeah, I suppose I'm a spriter, too. And don't worry. Everyone here is boring. Except me.:grin:

Kidding, of course. People here are as exciting as fruitcake! FWEE!!!!!